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Under the Seals of Death by INFAMOVS :: CD
The debut full-length of Chile´s Infamovs, "Under the Seals of Death". Hailing from the city of Coquimbo, the band was formed in late 2014 by drummer A.M (ex-Predator), guitar players S.D and C.H, and... [+ info]

Asphyxiating Devotion by EKPYROSIS :: CD
The debut full-length of Italy´s Ekpyrosis, "Asphyxiating Devotion". Formed back in 2013 and with their razor-edged claws steadily sunk into the vitriolic and ruthless carnage that Death Metal was mea... [+ info]

Veneration of Filth by CHURCH OF DISGUST :: CD
Rotting Death Metal strikes back with a vengeance! Hailing from San Marcos, TX (U.S.A.), Church of Disgust are heavily influenced by the morbid writings of Brian Keene, as well as the master of cosmic... [+ info]

Ceremonies of Morbidity by UNCOFFINED :: CD
Featuring members of such past and current acts as Morstice, Blessed Realm and Winds Of Genocide, U.K.´s Uncoffined are a morbid musical entity influenced by old school Death/Doom Metal, traditional D... [+ info]

Primordial Subjugation by NECROVEN :: CD
The soul-crushing sophomore full-length album by this Spanish act into the kind of dark, brutal and malodorous Death Metal that many of us fell in decomposing love with in the early and mid 90´s. Thei... [+ info]

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