INTOLERANCE - Waking Nightmares of an Endless Void CD [MEMENTO-CXXXIX]
The impressive 2nd full-length by this Spanish band. The Death Metal mongrels collectively known as Intolerance hail from Zaragoza, the same city that Ataraxy are natives of. Spawned back in 2015, this quartet´s intent is to pay homage to timeless Death Metal and the fetid stench that exuded from the malicious tones of the bands that populated the scene and helped define the genre back in the late 80´s and the early 90´s. Nothing fancy or wimpy here: only demise and putrefaction to be found when you creep in Intolerance´s mortuary. After a demo in 2016 and an EP in 2020, Intolerance made good on their massive potential in 2022 with the celebrated debut album "Dark Paths of Humanity". Aligned again with Memento Mori, the Spaniards continue to honor the old ways of Death Metal whilst adding their own gutted and grimy personality to it with the follow-up, "Waking Nightmares of an Endless Void". If their debut album was in the wheelhouse of 1991, then Intolerance´s second album is perhaps time-stamped 1992 or even 1993. Which is to stay, while their noble foundation is as firm as ever -classic Bolt Thrower, Grave, Asphyx, Morgoth, Entombed, Convulse, Obituary and Unleashed- there´s daresay a bit more groove or at least swagger to their streamlined surge here. Whereas those Dark Paths crushed bones underneath tank treads, these Waking Nightmares gallop and grind with a catchiness that cannot be denied. Granted, Intolerance were subtly nuanced and surprisingly dynamic already, but the ever-darker hues and almost-evil melodicism they touch upon here puts them closer to the likes of classic Unanimated, Dismember, Hypocrisy, Desultory and earliest Necrophobic. Still a Death Metal record for Death Metal maniacs, by Death Metal maniacs, but somewhere a crucifix is being turned upside down! Once again graced with haunting cover art, this time courtesy of Juan Alberto Hernandez, and yet another devastating production, Intolerance continue their masterful march with "Waking Nightmares of an Endless Void" and find themselves in the embrace of evil!

MORBUS GRAVE - Feasting the Macabre CD [MEMENTO-CXL]
The vitriolic 2nd full-length by this Italian band. Morbus Grave was spawned by A. Th and Erman in 2010 with the goal to exhume rotting, ancient Death Metal influenced by primordial bands such as Death, Possessed, Carnage, Sadistic Intent, Incubus, Malevolent Creation, Celtic Frost, Morbid Angel and Slayer. Due to lack of time, A. Th left the band and Erman was left to continue the path by himself. In early 2015, Erman found the right replacement in Maso on guitars/bass and Pide Guts on drums. This lineup recorded the band´s debut demo, "Throne of Disgust ", which was released in early 2016. Although the lineup was completed with Eros and Edy later in the year, the band seemed to vanish in thin air. After a couple of years of lethargy and many a lineup change, the grave was dug up once again and the band put out some more minor releases on a number of estimable undeground labels over the years, steadily getting their craft honed in preparation for their debut full-length, which was ultimately released in 2021. Now a five-headed abomination consisting of Erman (vocals), Edy (guitar), Magiko (guitar), Danny (drums) and Eros (bass), Morbus Grave bring forth their second deadly strike, titled "Feasting the Macabre", once again centered around ex-thrasher riffing and morbid concepts. With this second album, Morbus Grave honed in on the sinister dread and olden atmosphere of underground Death Metal and lent a sickening level of performance to it that´ll most certainly impress fans of deep-rooted underground classics.

The ravaging 2nd full-length by this Spanish band. Krypticy was founded by main composer Alex Guerrero (vocals/guitar) in Malaga, Spain, back in 2013. The band´s debut EP, "Necronomicon", captured their fondness for old school Death Metal, most specially of the Floridian kind (Morbid Angel, Obituary, Death, Cancer). By the time they released their debut full-length, "Hideous Being", a few years later, the band was already exhibiting a larger range of influences (Suffocation, Malevolent Creation, Deicide, Decapitated) and had begun to play live, sharing the stage with bands such as Lapidated, Avulsed, Wormed, Aposento and Necrophiliac, among others. With the band solidifying their lineup by the end of 2022 -Guerrero alongside Pancho Vazquez (drums), Thomas Schenk (bass/backing vocals) and Sergio Alvarez (guitar)- Krypticy now deliver their sophomore full-length, bearing the ominous title "The Non-Return". As forecasted by its stark cover artwork (courtesy of Cardaver Art) and cryptic nomenclature, "The Non-Return" sees Krypticy aiming to push the limits their already consolidated sound. Undoubtedly still tried and true Death Metal, there´s nevertheless a strive for something more spiritual here, as the quartet seek an evolution towards a more unique personality whilst retaining the classic edge that always defined Krypticy´s approach to the genre. Mind you, this isn´t doublespeak for going all-out "prog" or leaving behind Death Metal altogether (and still calling it such); rather, the band have begun to more fluently speak different dialects within the same language, producing a multilingual approach that can only but strengthen the sum effect. So, while the traditional tropes of late 80´s thrashing and early 90´s grinding are well and accounted for, there´s a markedly angular aspect to Krypticy´s songwriting on "The Non-Return", which works up a fever and fury when riffs and riffs and more riffs attack, one mercilessly after the other, the rhythm section surging and staying linear and ultimately producing a memorability that easily evades verse/chorus structures. So, for those who willingly have their minds warped by such unfussy sleepers as Suffocation´s "Pierced from Within", Malevolent Creation´s "Stillborn" and Decapitated´s "The Negation", prepare to arrive at your destination with "The Non-Return"!

COFFIN LURKER (The Netherlands) - Foul and Defiled CD!!!
We´re stoked to announce that we´ll be putting out the CD version of "Foul and Defiled", the debut full-length by the two-headed Dutch Death/Doom Metal abomination COFFIN LURKER, that was previously only available on vinyl/tape/digital since its June 2021 release on Sentient Ruin Laboratories.

Maurice De Jong a.k.a. Mories (Gnaw Their Tongues, Cloak of Altering, De Magia Veterum, Dodenbezweerder...), and Rene Aquarius (Cryptae, Dead Neanderthals, Imperial Cult, Plague Organ...) join forces in COFFIN LURKER, a repulsive experiment begotten unto a perverse delusion of ushering Death/Doom Metal beyond extremes of heaviness and horror it has never before seen or fathomed. Overwhelming and abominable in its every aspect, on their hideous debut album the dutch terror-doom duo set out on a mission of terrifying extremism to take Death/Doom Metal to its most harrowing consequences, crossing every threshold of extreme known, to materialize a humongous slow moving nightmare of paralyzing and blood-curdling horror that will flatten the listener and devour them inside a nauseating void. Emanating with a monstrous and oppressive aura of total death and decay, "Foul and Defiled" is a gargantuan sepulchral abomination of subterranean megaton Death/Doom Metal rising from an underworld of ageless and unnameable demise and suffering that sonically aims to re-evoke the hideous and death-obsessed immensity of other undreground extreme/experimental abominations, while taking the heinous formula, if possible, even beyond its own already incomprehensible and remote confines of sanity.

FFO: Encoffination, Grave Upheaval, Primitive Man, Spectral Voice, Catacombs, Moss...

The CD version of "Foul and Defiled" will be unleashed upon mankind on October 20th, 2024.


This is the list of new items and restocks that arrived at the store over the course of the last month:

APOSTATE - In the Image of God CD
ASCARIS - Grapes of Wrath CD
ASKALON - Armageddon CD
BLISTERING DEFILEMENT - The Pervert´s Manifesto / Deviant Excavation CD
BLISTERING ROT - Primordial Masters MCD
CENOTAPH - Empire of Sin CD
CRUMMER - Deathwards CD
CRYPTIC PROCESS - Human Snack CD (digipak)
DEAD AND DRIPPING / PROPHECY OF SUFFERING - Catharsis of Silent Despondency CD
DECONSEKRATED - Ascension in the Altar of Condemned CD
DISCARNAGE - Devouring the Unscrupulous Depravity CD
DISGORGED FOETUS - Obscene Utter Gore Annihilation CD
EMBRYOPATHIA - Drowning in Suffering CD
ENGULF - The Dying Planet Weeps CD
EUTHANAUSEA - Deep Cuts and MeloDIES fron the Past 2CD
FLESHMAULER - A Gargantuan Structure of Mutilated Atrocities CD
GUTTED PULP - Swollen Contusion CD
HOROH - Aberration CD (digipak)
INNOCENT DECOMPOSURE - Incognitive Crave to Fornicate Euphoria CD
INTO THE ASHES - Consumed by the Negative Dimension CD
MORTEM - Deinós Nekrómantis CD
MYSTIFICATION - Return to the Dark Side of Life CD
NUCLEAR TOMB - Terror Labyrinthian CD
PENTACLE - ...Rides the Moonstorm CD
PENTACLE - Five Candles Burning Red CD
PENTACLE - Spectre of the Eight Ropes CD
PODRIDAO / CONVULSIVE - Convulsively Rotteness CD
PYPHOMGERTUM - Multiple Forms of Humiliation to... Satan CD
REVULSED - Cerebral Contamination CD
SEPTAGE - Septic Worship (Intolerant Spree of Infesting Forms) CD
SINISTRUM - Infernal Dawn CD
SKULLPTURE - Reborn in Decay CD
SKULLPTURE - A Horrifying Death CD
SPORAE AUTEM YUGGOTH - ...However It Still Moves CD
THANATOPHOBIA - Internal Metamorphoses CD
THAUMATURGY - Charnel Gnosis CD
THAUMATURGY - Tenebrous Oblations CD
THE ROTTENING - Seeds of Death MCD (transparent disc)
TORTHARRY - The Executor Is Coming - Demo Anthology 1991-1993 2CD
VATICINAL RITES - Cascading Memories of Immortality CD
VIOLENT SCUM / CAMBION - Cults of Black Death CD
WREKTOMB - Bovine Mockeries of Human Posturing CD
ADVERSARIAL - Solitude with the Eternal... CD
KVLT OF ODIUM - End of Light CD
LITOSTH - Cesariana CD
OSSILEGIUM - The Gods Below CD (digipak)
STARGAZER - Bound by Spells MCD (transparent disc)
CRUCIFER - Hell Is for the Hopeful CD
DAMAGE - The Immortal Death 1986-1987 CD
DESASTER - Souls of Infernity / The Tyrants Rehearsal Sessions CD
NECROPHAGIA L.A. - The Figure Four 1984-1987 CD
RIPPER - Destroy the World / The Exit CD
RIPPER - Raising the Corpse / Fatal Memories CD
RIPPER - Experiment of Existence CD
RIPPER / VENUS TORMENT - Paranormal Waves / Ultraviolent Fragments of Self CD
SABBAT - Fetishism CD
SABBAT - Karisma CD
SABBAT - Karmagmassacre CD
SABBAT - Sabbatrinity CD
SABBAT - The Harmageddon Vinylucifer Singles CD
SABBAT - The Harmageddon Vinylucifer Singles II CD
SACRED CRUCIFIX - Realms of the North Vol. 1 (1987-1989) CD
SACRED CRUCIFIX - Realms of the North Vol. 2 (1990-1993) CD
SACRED CRUCIFIX - Realms of the North Vol. 3 (1994-1995) CD
SACRODEATH - Engendro del Caos CD
CONVOCATION - No Dawn for the Caliginous Night CD (digipak)
EXHUMATION - Twilight of the Funebre Night CD

INSINERATEHYMN (U.S.A.) signed to Memento Mori!!!
In our endless quest to push and support current underground acts that perpetuate the odor of vintage Death Metal, we´re extremely thrilled to announce a new signing: INSINERATEHYMN, from U.S.A.

Hailing from Los Angeles, California, INSINERATEHYMN has managed to position itself in the taste of underground extreme Metal fans with its powerful Death Metal clearly influenced by classic bands, giving a masterclass in 90´s Death Metal, from the spiraling vortexes of early Tampa to the sewage to come from New York, through the eerie emanations from Europe and the dissonance at the dawn of the new millennium. Naturally, the band bend those classic tropes in a variety of ways, all of which bespeak their own identity: scuzzy, slicing, clanging, angular, brutal beatdown, ignorant stomp, or just straightforward killshot: no weapon is left aside. Simply, INSINERATEHYMN is Death Metal for Death Metal maniacs, by Death Metal maniacs who understand and appreciate the rich-yet-codified history of the genre.

FFO: Sadistic Intent, Monstrosity, Suffocation, Deicide, Grave, Edge of Sanity, Demigod, Sentenced...

INSINERATEHYMN´s third full-length is due out on October 21st, 2024. Memento Mori will release the CD version and Rotted Life will take care of the LP and tape versions. Further details to follow in the coming months. Meanwhile, make sure to give them a like on Facebook and listen to their previous output (links below).

Band photo by Lola Salazar (@impuredevotion on Instagram).

"A Moment in a Vision" album (2018)
"Disembodied" album (2022)


This is the list of new items and restocks that arrived at the store over the course of the last month:

(*) can´t be included in our deals/promotions (5x4, 10x8, 15x12, etc...)

BETWEEN THE KILLINGS - The Killing Quartet Vol. 1 - Reflection of Murder CD
BRUTALISM - Solace in Absurdity CD
CANCERBERO - Reconquering the Throne of Death CD
CENTENARY - Death... The Final Frontier CD
CHOIR - Songs for a Tarnished World CD
DECREPITORUM - Foul Examination of Putrified Remains CD
DETHRONED - Creating Heavenly Impurities CD
(*) DIABOLIC - City of the Dead + Bonus CD
(*) DISINCARNATE - Soul Erosion MCD
DISORDERED - Exhuming Post-Mortem Hymns of Evisceration CD
DYSMORPHIC DEMIURGE - The Great and Terrible War CD
ENMORTEM - Displeasure, Sorrow and Disgust CD
EXECRATION - Excreted Guts CD
EXHUMATION - Master´s Personae CD
(*) EXPULSION - A Bitter Twist of Fate MCD
FRIGHTMARE - Midnight Murder Mania CD
GAFFED - Die Already CD
(*) GOMORRAH - Reflections of Inanimate Matter CD
HANDLE WITH HATE - Wrath of the Keres CD
HORRIFYING - Dreadful Parasomnia CD
IMPETIGO - Giallo MCD (digipak)
(*) IMPETIGO - Ultimo Mondo Cannibale CD
(*) IMPETIGO - Horror of the Zombies CD
(*) LOBOTOMY - Final Wrath, The Early Hymns of Lobotomy 2CD
MIND HOLOCAUST - Condemned Souls CD
PERVERATION - Putrefaction of Infinite Apogee CD
PROFANATION - Skull Crushing Violence MCD
PUTREFIED FEAST - Contra Vim Mortis Non Crescit Salvia in Hortis CD
RESURGE - Resurge from Underneath CD
ROANOKE - Ancestral Tombs CD
SEVERE TORTURE - Feasting on Blood CD
SEVERE TORTURE - Misanthropic Carnage CD
(*) SKELETAL EARTH - Eulogy for a Dying Fetus CD
(*) SKELETAL EARTH - Dē.ĕv´ṓ.lū´shŭn CD
STABBING - Ravenous Psychotic Onslaught MCD
STABBING - Extirpated Mortal Process CD
UNEARTH - Concentrated Misery CD
UTTERTOMB - Nebulas of Self-Desecration CD
ADVERSARIAL - Solitude with the Eternal... CD
CRUCIFIER - Led Astray CD (digipak)
DECAYED - In Lustful Mayhem + Bonus CD (digipak)
DREAM UPON TOMBS - Palaces of Dust CD
ENDLESS LOSS - Traversing the Mephitic Artery CD (digisleeve)
KVADRAT - The Horrible Dissonance of Oblivion CD (digipak)
ANAL DESTRUCTOR - Black Souls of Death CD
CONCRETE - High Evolution CD
FORCE OF DARKNESS - Heritage of Dark Incantation CD
PRIME EVIL - Evilution X MCD
TORMENTOR - Anno Domini CD
EXTREME UNCTION - Insane Procreation / In Sadness CD
GOATROACH - Plagueborn CD (digipak)
MOON INCARNATE - Hymns to the Moon CD

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