SCEPTICAL SCHIZO (Death/Doom Metal, Finland) compilation CD!!!
Weīre beyond stoked to announce the release of a compilation CD of old material by the Finnish band SCEPTICAL SCHIZO.

The start of 1991 witnessed a band of brothers from different mothers, SCEPTICAL SCHIZO, from the sleepy small town of Noormarkku, Finland, searching for direction and real artistic integrity. Formed in 1988 by childhood friends Joonas (guitar/vocals), Toni (bass) and Mikko (drums), the band had evolved from the rudimentary Speed/Thrash Metal of 14 year-old kids into a more structured Thrash Metal trio flirting with Death Metal tones. Still only 16-17 years old, the members were finding new music (Punk, Hardcore, Shoegaze Indie, Goth-Rock, Industrial, Doom Metal, Electronics) left and right, eager to create fresh material that would showcase and incorporate all these newly found inspirations. In February 1991, SCEPTICAL SCHIZO recorded their fourth and final demo, "The Four Seasons", lyrically based on a playful reference to Vivaldiīs "Le Quattro Stagioni Violin Concerti" and channeling the new heavier and gloomier vibes in a raw package, drawing from Swedish Death Metal, early Doom, the 70īs and even post-modern experimentalists such as Finlandīs Grind RockīnīRoll masters Xysma. The demo spread around in the tape trade scene of the era, and was fairly well received in fanzines and by a handful of fans. The band, however, wanted to dive deeper. To get heavier, slower and more atmospheric, melancholic and psychotic in the process. Jukka Sillanpää, the engineer and "producer" of the bandīs demos, was recruited to play the second guitar and the foursome started writing new pieces that were heavily inspired by 70īs Heavy Rock, Psychedelia, Goth, some Indie Pop of the era and, especially, new British Doom Metal that was just entering the scene: bands such as Paradise Lost, Cathedral and My Dying Bride. During the winter of 1991-1992, SCEPTICAL SCHIZO ended up recording 4 new lengthy tracks that were released on two separate 7" EPīs, both quickly sold out during 1992. Both releases were well received and it looked like there was a demand for more of the same thing. But the band, and life, had different plans. The vinyl releases of 1992 and 1993 were the last things ever to surface from SCEPTICAL SCHIZO, until the 2019 digital EP "Aggressions" saw the original three team up again to embrace their Thrash Metal roots.

Memento Mori will unleash a CD that will compile the "The Four Seasons" demo (1991), the "Into the Suction of Blue / Withdrawn" EP (1992) and the "The Plight" EP (1993), as a comprehensive guide to the bandīs style progression and natural curiosity. Release date of this CD will be early 2021. Further details to follow in the coming months. Meanwhile, make sure to give them a like on Facebook and surf YouTube for songs featured on those releases.

"Demo #1" demo (1989)
"Dispossessed" demo (1990)
"Danse Macabre" demo (1990)
"The Four Seasons" demo (1991)
"Into the Suction of Blue / Withdrawn" EP (1992)
"The Plight" EP (1993)
"Aggressions" EP (2019)


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ALTERED DEAD (Canada) signed to Memento Mori!!!
In our endless quest to push and support current underground acts that perpetuate the odor of vintage Death Metal, weīre extremely thrilled to announce a new signing: ALTERED DEAD, from Canada.

With beginnings in 2011, ALTERED DEAD is a two-piece contributing to the tradition of early Death Metal with a simple, therefore genuine, approach -no frills, filthy and raw- influenced by the likes of Autopsy, Death Breath, Grave, Asphyx, Darkthrone, Unleashed, Exhumed, Carnage.... Twisted and gross riffs rip alongside warring treads of percussion, with the accompaniment of scalded and bellowing dual vocals, and lyrical themes of physical and mental warfare, mutating human nature, imminent conflict and collapse. Currently residing in Esquimalt, on southern Vancouver Island, the outfit has had numerous live performances and released recordings on multiple formats, including their self-titled debut album on Cavernous Records (U.K.), and is currently putting the finishing touches to the follow-up album.

Memento Mori will unleash the CD version of their sophomore full-length album later this year. Further details to follow in the coming months. Meanwhile, make sure to give them a like on Facebook and listen to their previous output (links below).

"Altered Dead" demo (2014)
"Altered Dead" album (2016)


The crushing debut full-length by this Spanish band. Proscrito was born from the ashes of the sloppier incarnation known as Calvario in 2016, paying homage to the too-doomed-to-be-dead/too-dead-to-be-doomed music of such acts as Cianide, Hellhammer/Celtic Frost, Necro Schizma, Asphyx, Autopsy, Paradise Lost, Winter, Samael and Goatlord, crafting slow and churning tracks that were to be (not really) perfected with the bandīs debut EP, "El Calvario", in 2017: a release filled with an all-encompassing passion for decay and rottenness, from the penitent and flagellant opening track "Via Crucis" to the closing instrumental mantra that is "Puteado," pounding caveman percussion, thundering bass, and wah-soloing frenziness in between. After three days of morbid delirium at Moontower Studios (Ataraxy, Graveyard, Oniricous, Teitanblood), once again under Javier Felezīs supervision, Proscritoīs follow-up to the debut EP took form with some more echoes to the days of yore, as a full-length frontal assault titled "Llagas y Estigmas" ("Sores and Stigmata"), featuring 5 disgruntled litanies of blood, sweat and no-tears imagery reminiscent of Robert E. Howard and Cormac McCarthy, muscular riffage, vomit and mucus. Tracks like "Marcado por la Pezuņa," "Tronos de Oprobio" or their (scato)logical outcome "Pantalgia" truly persist with that tradition of primitiveness, putting the stress both in the Death and the Metal, for Doom has always been the bandīs destiny, its powers and wisdom. Any way you describe it, the dense and sulfurous rumble this Spanish power trio creates can cause tectonic shifts as ably as it can rot your soul. Thereīs an almost uncomfortably carefree, laissez faire approach to Proscritoīs ritualistic plod, as if the band is indifferently acting as a conduit for supernatural frequencies only they can sense. Itīs not often that Memento Mori dips its toes into the doomier end of Death Metal as of lately, but when it does, be fucking sure that itīs for good reason! And indeed, "Llagas y Estigmas" is one badass good reason!

The long-awaited debut full-length by this Chilean band. Coffin Curse was thrown into this worthless world in Santiago in mid-2012, as a side-project of the main band Inanna, to spawn and vomit forth Death Metal in its purest form. Max Neira (guitars, bass, vocals) conceived this beast as a two-piece squad to explore the caverns of everlasting pain and horror. Musically, this is malevolent, straightforward, headbang-inducing Death Metal, inspired by early 90īs U.S. icons such as Morbid Angel, Monstrosity, Obituary, Immolation or Deicide, plus the vicious vibe from the founding fathers such as Pentagram (Chile), Death, Possessed, Sepultura, Massacre, Slaughter Lord, Necrovore, etc. Thereīs no blind allegiance nor messages to anyone; no dogmatic, religious, or cult preaching. Coffin Curse verses are just focused on the multiple facets of death in all its shapes, spiritually, physically, morally, mentally and metaphysically: evil, madness, multiple perversions, violence, hatred and despair, all that in communion within the endless confines of the human psyche. From 2012 up until 2018, Coffin Curse have insulted the planet with one demo, three EPīs and one split effort, and now Max Neira along with Carlos Fuentes (drums) are ready to spit out the bandīs debut album, titled "Ceased to Be", which will be their biggest insult to the planet yet. Classic and crushing, Coffin Curse here unload a barrage of timeless Death Metal in a most late-80īs mold, a time, it must be said (or at least repeated once again!), when "songwriting" and "Death Metal" werenīt mutually exclusive terms. No riff salads, no jock jams, no gore-overload masking a dearth of ideas. Rather, taut and terrorizing memorability pumped full of catchy-as-the-clap riffs, haunting-the-chapel leads, and pro but not-too-polished production that only heightens the dark depths these Chileans plumb so powerfully. Weīd deign to call it "classy" even, but this is fucking Death Metal after all! With suitably classic Death Metal cover art courtesy of Daniel Hermosilla (Nox Fragor Art), and climaxing with the 9-minute epic "Deep in Streams of Purifying Dirt", Coffin Curse crush graves and dreams alike with "Ceased to Be"!

CD version of these Italiansī sophomore full-length, previously only released on vinyl and digital format in 2016. Cancer Spreading are preaching their gospel of nihilism and self-destruction since 2006, actively and ruthlessly punishing the underground scene with a demo, an EP, a bunch of splits (w/ Children Of Technology, Fatum and Last Legion Alive, among others) and two full-length albums, the first of which, titled "The Age of Desolation", was unleashed upon mankind on CD format by us back in 2011. Their music is an apocalyptic, spine-wrenching alloy of the Crust/Metal that we oldies used to call Stenchcore back in the 80īs, and the heavier-than-thou, earth-shattering sound that made Bolt Thrower stand out as one of the most storming and most influential Death Metal acts ever. Utterly recommended for fans of the Coventry legends, as well as Deviated Instinct, Asphyx, Sacrilege, Axegrinder, Sanctum, War Master, Stormcrow...

DISRUPTED (Sweden) are back on Memento Mori!!!
Swedeath fans, rejoice: weīre extremely excited to announce that weīll put out the CD version of the sophomore full-length album by the Swedish juggernaut known as DISRUPTED.

What this quintet formed in the small city of Ludvika back in late 2012 have on offer, is the kind of crunchy, rotten, heavy-as-a-concrete-block and genuine-to-the-bone Death Metal that their country was worldwide known for in the late 80īs and the early 90īs. Think Nihilist/Entombed, Interment, Grave and God Macabre with a healthy dose of D-beat ā la more recent acts such as Bombs Of Hades or Bastard Priest, and youīll get quite an accurate picture of what to expect.

The band will start recording the follow-up to "Morbid Death" (Memento Mori, 2015) in March, and weīre aiming at a late 2020 / early 2021 release date. Further details to follow in the coming months.

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