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Demoniac Paroxysm by MORBID MESSIAH :: CD
The highly anticipated debut album by this upcoming Mexican band. Morbid Messiah was formed in 2015 after Anubis Sandoval (drums) moved from Cancun to Guadalajara, and teamed up with Roberto Trejo (gu... [+ info]

Chapters of an Evil Transition by RAVENOUS DEATH :: CD
The striking debut full-length by this Mexican band. Hailing from the vast Death Metal hotbed of Mexico, Ravenous Death feature current members of such other bands as Remains, Demonic Manifestation an... [+ info]

Human Annihilation by RUIN :: CD
The long-awaited second album of Americaīs Ruin. Not much is known about the anonymous aural torturers known as Ruin. At least, that was the case a couple years ago, before the bandīs rebirth. The sma... [+ info]

The Complete Disgoregraphy 1991-2003 by DAMNATORY :: CD
A CD that compiles the body of work of this old, obscure Swiss Death Metal band. "The Complete Disgoregraphy 1991-2003" features the "The Persistence of Archaic Dogma..." demo (1991), the "In My Darke... [+ info]

The Chthonic Rituals by ATAVISMA :: CD
The highly anticipated debut full-length of this French band. Hailing from the new breed of exquisite French Death Metal darkness, Atavisma formed in late 2013 and promptly set to work perfecting thei... [+ info]

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