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Unworldly Summoning by CHURCH OF DISGUST :: CD
Hailing from San Marcos, TX (U.S.A.), Church Of Disgust are heavily influenced by the morbid writings of Brian Keene, as well as the master of cosmic horror, H.P. Lovecraft. Musical influences include... [+ info]

Darkness Sustains the Silence by ALTAR OF BETELGEUZE :: CD
While most bands feel comfortable treading a safe and orthodox path, Altar Of Betelgeuze, featuring past and current members of the Finnish Death Metal war ensemble Decaying, dare to take their influe... [+ info]

The Charnel Expanse by ZEALOTRY :: CD
Ladies, gentlemen and aliens, say goodbye to your brain cells: Zealotry, from Boston (U.S.A.), are here to turn them all into a bloody pulp of useless organic garbage with their twisted, technical and... [+ info]

From Far Beyond by FERETRUM :: CD
Release date: October 2013.
Official reissue, available on CD for the first time ever, of this mega-cult and ultra-obscure Death Metal classic from the Spanish scene. Originally released on tap... [+ info]

Shadows of the Unknown by MYSTIC CHARM :: CD
Official reissue of this cult and obscure Death/Doom classic from the Dutch scene, originally released in 1994, featuring brand new artwork by Cesar Valladares, lots of pictures taken from the bandīs ... [+ info]

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