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Desecrating Obscurity by FUNEST :: CD
The crushing debut full-length from this Italian ensemble of devoted death metalheads. Formed back in 2012 and seasoned in other Italian Death and Doom Metal bands, Funest take pride in keeping the an... [+ info]

Enter the Gate (Discography 1991-1993) by CEMETERY :: 2CD
Memento Mori is proud to announce the release of "Enter the Gate", the lost album by the German band Cemetery. The album was recorded in 1993 and scheduled to be released next year through West Virgin... [+ info]

Devouring by DECOMPOSED :: CD
Decomposed could have easily been formed way back in the early 90´s as their music has no traces of anything modern. This is raw, crusty, vibrant, ripping, heavy, cadaverous and in-your-face old schoo... [+ info]

Addiction to Musickal Dissection by MORBO :: CD
"Addiction to Musickal Dissection" is the long awaited debut full-length from Italy´s deathmongers Morbo. Featuring current and past members of acts such as Undead Creep, Haemophagus, Assumption or Co... [+ info]

Unworldly Summoning by CHURCH OF DISGUST :: CD
Hailing from San Marcos, TX (U.S.A.), Church Of Disgust are heavily influenced by the morbid writings of Brian Keene, as well as the master of cosmic horror, H.P. Lovecraft. Musical influences include... [+ info]

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