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The Non-Return by KRYPTICY :: CD
The ravaging 2nd full-length by this Spanish band. Krypticy was founded by main composer Alex Guerrero (vocals/guitar) in Malaga, Spain, back in 2013. The bandīs debut EP, "Necronomicon", captured the... [+ info]

Feasting the Macabre by MORBUS GRAVE :: CD
The vitriolic 2nd full-length by this Italian band. Morbus Grave was spawned by A. Th and Erman in 2010 with the goal to exhume rotting, ancient Death Metal influenced by primordial bands such as Deat... [+ info]

Waking Nightmares of an Endless Void by INTOLERANCE :: CD
The impressive 2nd full-length by this Spanish band. The Death Metal mongrels collectively known as Intolerance hail from Zaragoza, the same city that Ataraxy are natives of. Spawned back in 2015, thi... [+ info]

Astral Catacombs by DEVOTION :: CD
The astounding 3rd full-length by this Spanish band. Devotion are an exemplary study in patience and persistence. Formed in 2012 near Valencia, the band have gone through myriad lineups, but have parc... [+ info]

The Continuous Nothing by COFFIN CURSE :: CD
The highly anticipated 2nd full-length by this Chilean band. Although Coffin Curse came into being in 2012 as a side-project of Inannaīs Max Neira, it didnīt take long for the band to assert their own... [+ info]

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