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Evil Reaping Death by HEXORCIST :: CD
The striking debut full-length by this U.S. band. Unearthed in Florida in early 2019 and comprised of past and current members of other impious hordes such as Gnosis and Devastator, Hexorcist summon o... [+ info]

The Hollow Gaze of Death by NOTHINGNESS :: CD
Official reissue of the debut full-length, originally released in 2019, by this U.S. band. Based in Minneapolis, Nothingness spew forth a brand of Death Metal that features crushing Death/Doom Metal s... [+ info]

Voidgazer / Rituals of Extinction by PNEUMA HAGION :: CD
The astounding debut full-length by this U.S. darkened Death/Doom Metal juggernaut, including the "Rituals of Extinction" EP (2017) as bonus. Like the earlier recordings of this Texan based act, "Void... [+ info]

The Great Adventure by MINENFELD :: CD
The crushing debut full-length by this German Death Metal warmachine that was previously only available on vinyl/tape/digital since its April 2019 release. Minenfeld started as a rehearsal room projec... [+ info]

Return to Planet Hell (1992-1994) by CROSS FADE :: CD
A CD that compiles all three demos by this obscure U.S. band. Cross Fade was formed in Mastic (Long Island, N.Y.) in March of 1991. Scot Trollan (vocals), John Tinger (guitars), Eric Rhodes (drums) an... [+ info]

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