This is the huge list of stuff (new items and restocks) that arrived at the store over the course of the last month:

ABERRATION - Massacre on the Earth CD
ABIOSIS - Absence of Life CD
ABSCESS - Damned and Mummified CD
ABSCESS - Horrorhammer CD (super jewel)
ABSCESS - Dawn of Inhumanity CD (digibook)
ACEPHALIX - Interminable Night CD
AMENOPHIS - Demos 1991-1992 CD
APOTEMNOPHOBIA - Purity and the Stench MCD
BLEEDING GODS - Shepherd of Souls CD
BLODSHAMND - Premature Obituary CD (digipak)
BLOOD - Christbait CD
BLOOD - Mental Conflicts CD
BLUUURGH - Suffer Within: 25 Years of Suffering CD
BRUTALLY DECEASED - Satanic Corpse CD (digipak)
CARBONIZED - For the Security CD
DEAD CONSPIRACY - Dead Conspiracy CD
DEATH - Scream Bloody Gore 2CD (slipcase)
DEATH - Leprosy 2CD (slipcase)
DEATH - Spiritual Healing 2CD (slipcase)
DEATH - Human 2CD (slipcase)
DEATHīS COLD WIND - Subyugador - In Goat We Trust CD
DEIQUISITOR - Deiquisitor CD
DEMONSEED - Anatomy of Atrocity CD
DEMONSEED - Human Disposal Syndicate CD
ETERNAL TORMENT - Descent into Madness MCD
EXECRATION - Odes of the Occult CD (digipak)
FOSSOR - Emerging from the Abyss CD
GATES OF ISHTAR - A Bloodred Path CD
GOD DETHRONED - The Ancient Ones CD
GOD DETHRONED - The Christhunt CD
GOD MACABRE - The Winterlong... CD
HATEFUL - Epilogue of Masquerade CD
INCANTATION - Onward to Golgotha CD + DVD
INCANTATION - Blasphemous Cremation CD
INCANTATION - Tribute to the Goat CD (digipak)
INCANTATION - Unholy Massacre 2CD
INCANTATION - The Infernal Storm CD
INCANTATION - Dirges of Elysium CD
INCINERATOR - Stench of Distress CD
INCUBUS - Incubus MCD (ecopak)
LEPER MESSIAH - Invocations for Gods... From the Real Abominations CD (slipcase)
LUCIFER - The Dark Christ CD
MACABRA - ...To the Bone CD (special packaging)
MACABRA / NUCLEUS - Fragmented Self CD (digipak)
MIND SNARE - Ancient Cults Supremacy CD
MORTHRA - Desecrated Thoughts (From Insane Minds) CD
NECRORGASM - Cannibalism CD
OSSUARY ANEX - Mutilation Through Prayer CD
PAGANIZER - Cadaver Casket (on a Gurney to Hell) MCD (ecopak)
PAGANIZER - On the Outskirts of Hades MCD
PAGANIZER - Deadbanger CD
PARUSIE - ...In Silence CD
PATHOGEN - Miscreants of Bloodlusting Aberrations CD
PATHOGEN / DEATHEVOKEN - Consecrated in Morbidity CD
PATHOGEN - Ashes of Eternity CD
RAVENOUS DEATH - Ominous Deathcult MCD
REMAINS - Evoking Darkness CD
REMAINS - Through the Eyes of Death CD
REPULSION - Horrified 2CD
SARGATANAS - The Enlightenment CD
SINISTER - Gods of the Abyss MCD
SUFFERING HOUR - In Passing Ascension CD
TEMPLE OF VOID - Of Terror and the Supernatural CD
TORCHURE - Beyond the Veil CD
TORCHURE - The Essence CD
AD BACULUM - Morbid End of Cannibalistic Cosmos CD
AD BACULUM - Opening the Abyss CD
CHRIST AGONY - Moonlight - Act III CD
DOMAIN - Pandemonium CD
MORDANT - Demonic Satanic CD
PANDEMONIUM - Devilri - Extended Edition CD
PANDEMONIUM - The Ancient Catatonia CD
ADVERSOR - Rise to Survive CD
ANTICHRIST - Sinful Birth CD
ASSORTED HEAP - The Experience of Horror CD
AURA NOIR - The Merciless CD
AURA NOIR - Out to Die CD (digipak)
BATTERY - Armed with Rage CD
BATTERY - Martial Law CD
CRO-MAGS - Near Death Experience CD
DESPAIR - Decay of Humanity CD
DISORDER - Fuego Negro CD
ENTRENCH - Violent Procreation CD
ENTRENCH - Through the Walls of Flesh CD
EXTREMA - The Old School MCD
HOLY TERROR - Terror and Submission / Mind Wars 2CD
INFERNAL MAJESTY - Nigrescent Years of Chaos CD
INFERNAL MAJESTY - Unholier than Thou CD
INFERNAL MAJESTY - One Who Points to Death CD
LUCIFERA - Preludio del Mal CD
PARADOX - The Demo Collection 1986-1987 2CD
POLTERGEIST - Nothing Lasts Forever + Demos CD
RAGING DEATH - Raging Death CD
SCHIZO - Main Frame Collapse CD
SCHIZO - Rotten Spiral CD
TOTAL DEATH - The Pound of Flesh CD
VOMIT OF DOOM - Magnus Cruelty MCD
WOSLOM - A Near Life Experience CD
BEDEMON - Child of Darkness: From the Original Master Tapes CD
CARDINALS FOLLY - Our Cult Continues! CD
CARDINALS FOLLY - Holocaust of Ecstasy & Freedom CD
CELOPHYS - Ammonite CD (digipak)
MORGION - The Relapse Collection 2CD (digipak)
MY DYING BRIDE - Turn Loose the Swans CD
MY DYING BRIDE - The Angel and the Dark River / For Darkest Eyes CD + DVD
MY DYING BRIDE - A Map of All Our Failures CD + DVD (digibook)
MY DYING BRIDE - The Vaulted Shadows CD (slipcase)
PENTAGRAM - Review Your Choices CD
PENTAGRAM - Sub-Basement CD (digipak)
PENTAGRAM - First Daze Here (The Vintage Collection) 2CD
PENTAGRAM - First Daze Here Too 2CD
PLATEAU SIGMA - The True Shape of Eskatos CD
PRIMITIVE MAN - Scorn CD (digipak)
YMIRīS BLOOD - Blood of the Ice Giant CD
YMIRīS BLOOD - Ymirīs Blood CD

The sophomore full-length album from this cult U.S. band. Formed in 1986, Dead Conspiracy is to this day considered by many as a pioneer and influence to Death/Gore Metal bands worldwide. Originally released on vinyl, tape and digital in November 2016, "Dead Conspiracy" features 9 tracks of the bandīs trademark Thrash Metal-edged, Punk-infused, evil-minded, vicious and unadulterated savagery that should definitely appeal to fans of other primal and unrefined Death Metal acts that helped shape the genre in the 80īs, such as Nunslaughter, Necrophagia, Mantas/Death, Master, Incubus, Possessed, Deceased, Autopsy/Abscess, Terminal Death, Massacre, Exmortis, Repulsion, Slaughter, N.M.E... The vocals drip with devilish flare, the bass is clear and punchy, guitars are treble and sound like scythes, and drums sound like they were recorded on a low-budget in the best way. There are no tricks here, just raw skill and Metal. "Dead Conspiracy" is a powerful album, even after many repeated listens. It displays everything you need old school Death Metal to display: bone-crunching riffs, pounding breakdowns and speed delivered with anger, atmosphere and energy by a band thatīs riddled with acrimonious motivation and a burning passion for the genre. So dig up your favorite cadaver to sit with while you get kick your ears kicked in, for the deadliest have now returned!!!
Preview track:

FOSSOR - Emerging from the Abyss CD [MEMENTO-LXIV]
For the first time ever on CD format, here comes an official reissue of the obscure and solitary demo of the old Spanish band Fossor, originally released on tape back in 1994. Fossor first burst into the Spanish underground Death Metal scene back in August 1993, in the small northern town of Logroņo. It came into being as a spin-off from the first two Aposento line-ups, another legendary then Spanish band and local pioneers of the genre. Their music approach was logically rooted in the soundings of the genuine and still effervescing international Death Metal scene, taking their cues from the ancient Florida sound (Obituary, Massacre and most specifically "Leprosy" and "Spiritual Healing" era Death) and the European tradition of bands such as Benediction, Entombed, Asphyx, Grave and Gorefest. Despite the lack of a proper distribution and promotion, "Emerging from the Abyss" would end up gaining some recognition within the underground domestic ranks and also positive reviews in places remote as Asia and other European countries, including the insertion of the song "The Bastard Son of God" on the 1995 compilation "Sometimes... Death is Better II" put out by the Belgian label Shiver Records. A truly unmissable gem of the 90īs underground and happily exhumed at last, this very special reissue of "Emerging from the Abyss" was mastered by Dan Lowndes (of Cruciamentum fame) at his own Resonance Sound Studio in the U.K., and features brand new artwork by Raul Fuentes (a.k.a. Mortuus) as well as a fully detailed bio-interview conducted and compiled by David Bleak (Bleak īzine).
Preview track:

ATAVISMA (France) signed to Memento Mori!!!
In our endless quest to push and support underground acts that deliver the goods unaware of trends and hypes, weīre extremely excited to announce a new signing: ATAVISMA, from France.

The band was formed in late 2013 when G. (guitar) and L. (vocals) decided to put together a band devoted to old school Death Metal. Shortly after, C. (drums) and W. (bass) joined the band, and the quartetīs compositions progressively shifted towards a Death/Doom Metal approach with a penchant for lyrics thatīd mainly deal with the relationship between man and nature, ancient cultures and spirituality.

On the live front, ATAVISMA got the chance to hit the stage alongside bands such as Archgoat, Merrimack, Inferno, Ritualization, Ataraxie, Mercyless and Mourning Dawn, and as recently as February/March 2017, they embarked on their first French tour (The Chthonic Rituals) and supported Blood Incantation and Cruciamentum during their European tour.

While firmly planted in the filthier and darker side of the Death Metal of yore, ATAVISMA bring about a dreary, murky and riff-ridden concoction of all things dead, doomed and ill-fated, resulting in an über-heavy, venomous and slithering creature whose main influences cannot be denied but ultimately can rightfully be called their very own creation.

For fans of: Incantation, Cianide, Eternal Darkness, Grave, Disma, Blood Incantation, Moondark, Winter, Convulse, Indesinence, Cruciamentum, Funebre, Encoffination, Evoken, Spectral Voice...

Memento Mori will unleash the CD version of their debut full-length album on July 23rd, 2018. Further details to follow in the coming months. Meanwhile, make sure to listen to their previous output (links below).

"Where Wolves Once Dwelled" TAPE (Nihilistic Holocaust, 2014)
"Where Wolves Once Dwelled" MCD (Dead Center Productions, 2014)
"Buried in the Ethereal" SPLIT TAPE w/ Maur (Atavism Records, 2015)
"On the Ruins of a Fallen Empire" EP (Blood Harvest, 2017)


June 20th - July 20th

The full list of specially-priced items (over 1300 of them) and the terms of the sale are available at this location:


Should anyone have any doubt or question, or find any trouble when trying to open/download the list + terms, donīt hesitate to get in touch.

Happy hunting!!!

CARDIAC ARREST (U.S.A.) signed to Memento Mori!!!
Weīre extremely stoked to announce the addition of an old fave band of ours to the Memento Mori family: CARDIAC ARREST, from U.S.A.

Formed in the bowels of Chicago way back in 1997, CARDIAC ARREST should need no introduction to the ardent fans of rotting and blood-drenched Death Metal, for these grave-dwellers have been carving out aural nightmares of perishing and grime for lustrums now. Consisting of four individuals with an unearthly interest in all thatīs absurd, morbid, gruesome and unhealthy, the bandīs been consistently getting heavier and more vile with every album they spat out via previous labels such as Razorback Recordings and Ibex Moon Records, honoring timeless Death Metal of the most grinding and putrid ilk with genuineness and a no-nonsense approach, yet adding enough personality to be in a forever-rotting league of their very own.

For fans of: Autopsy, Grave, Death, Cianide, Impetigo, Master, Obituary, Repulsion, Benediction, Massacre...

Memento Mori will unleash the CD version of the bandīs 6th full-length album on April 23rd, 2018. Further details to follow in the coming months.

"Heart Stopping Death Rot" EP (2004)
"Death ROTted" Promo (2005)
"Beast Among Many" EP (2006)
"Morgue Mutilations" Full-length (2006)
"Cadaverous Presence" Full-length (2008)
"Haven for the Insane" Full-length (2010)
"Vortex of Violence" Full-length (2012)
Cardiac Arrest / Mutant Supremacy Split (2013)
"And Death Shall Set You Free" Full-length (2014)
Radiation Sickness / Cardiac Arrest Split (2015)
"Promo 2016" Promo (2016)


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