WOMBRIPPER (Russia) signed to Memento Mori!!!
In our endless quest to push and support current underground acts that perpetuate the odor of vintage Death Metal, weīre extremely thrilled to announce a new signing: WOMBRIPPER, from Russia.

Established in Nizhny Novgorod in February 2013, WOMBRIPPER has ever since leaned towards the Swedish school of Death Metal with raw, crunchy buzzsaw guitars and straightforward compositions. Highly influenced by Grave, Entombed and Dismember, their first demo, titled "Morbid Aberrations", was recorded and released in 2014 and the band shared the stage with some of genre milestones such as Necrophobic, Nominon and Fleshcrawl, and also newer underground acts such as Undergang, Nocturnal Witch, etc. After several lineup changes, the 4-track EP "Infected Tomb" was recorded and self-released by the band in 2017. That same year WOMBRIPPER recorded their debut full-length album, titled "From the Depths of Flesh", that was released in 2018 by different labels, such as Redefining Darkness Records (U.S.A.) and Grotesque Sounds (Russia). "From the Depths of Flesh" gained them lots of positive feedback from the media and old school Death Metal fans alike, as the album displayed some top-notch Swedeath, an aural massacre plenty of catchy and morbid melodies, blazing solos and blasting devastation. Now the band acts as a three-piece and continue to craft music for a new album thatīs going to exhibit more of WOMBRIPPERīs pure old school Swedeath of the highest grade.

FFO: Entombed, Fleshcrawl, Entrails, Nirvana 2002, Dismember, Grave, Demonical, Carnage, God Macabre...

Memento Mori will unleash the CD version of their sophomore full-length album in 2020. Further details to follow in the coming months.

"Morbid Aberrations" demo (2014)
"Infected Tomb" EP (2017)
Split EP w/ Torn Apart (2017)
"From the Depths of Flesh" album (2018)


This is the list of stuff (new items and restocks) that arrived at the store over the course of the last month:

ASCENDED DEAD - Abhorrent Manifestation CD 11,00
BANEFUL STORM - Invocations MCD 7,00
BEFOULED - Refuse to Rot CD 11,00
BUTCHER ABC - Butchery Workshop 2002-2009 CD 11,00
BUTCHER ABC - North of Hell CD 11,00
CALCINED - Tormenting Attractions CD 11,00
CALCINED - Discipline CD 11,00
CARDIAC ARREST - Cadaverous Presence CD 11,00
CARDIAC ARREST - And Death Shall Set You Free CD 11,00
CEMETERY URN - Cemetery Urn CD 11,00
CEMETERY URN - Barbaric Retribution CD 11,00
CHEMICAL BREATH - Fatal Exposure CD 12,00
COME BACK FROM THE DEAD - The Coffin Earthīs Entrails CD 11,00
COME BACK FROM THE DEAD - Caro Data Vermibus MCD (digipak) 8,00
DEAD INFECTION - Human Slaughter... Till Remains CD 11,00
DEAD INFECTION - Brain Corrosion CD (digipak) 12,00
ENCOFFINATION - Ritual Ascension Beyond Flesh CD 11,00
ENCOFFINATION - Oī Hell, Shine in Thy Whited Sepulchres CD 11,00
ENCOFFINATION - III - Hear Me, Oī Death CD 11,00
ENCOFFINATION - Necros Obscuritas CD 11,00
ERODED (Germany) - Darkness Awaits the Dead CD 11,00
EXEMPT - Awakening Morbidity CD 11,00
FAITHXTRACTOR - Proverbial Lambs to the Ultimate Slaughter CD 11,00
FLESHLESS - Devoured Beyond Recognition CD 11,00
FLESHLESS - Doomed CD 11,00
GRACELESS - Shadowlands CD 11,00
GRAVESTONE (Sweden) - Sickening CD 11,00
GRAVEYARD - One with the Dead CD 11,00
GRAVEYARD / KORGULL THE EXTERMINATOR - La Germandat de la Nit Profunda CD 10,00
GRAVEYARD - The Coffin Years CD 11,00
GRAVEYARD - Back to the Mausoleum MCD 7,00
GRIMOIRE DE OCCULTE - Wisdom of the Dead CD 11,00
HARASSED - Blessed by Suffering 2CD 15,00
HORRISONOUS - A Culinary Cacophony CD 10,00
IMMOLATION - Unholy Cult CD 11,00
IMMOLATION - Atonement CD 11,00
IN PURULENCE - Putrid Valley CD 11,00
IN REVERENCE - The Selected Breed CD 11,00
INCINERATOR - Stench of Distress CD 11,00
INCINERATOR - Concept of Cruelty CD 11,00
LUCIFERICON - Brimstone Altar MCD (digipak) 8,00
LUCIFERICON - Al-Khem-Me CD 11,00
MACABRE DECAY - Purgatory CD 11,00
MAGGOTY CORPSE - Requiem CD 11,00
MALTHUSIAN - Below the Hengiform MCD (slipcase) 8,00
MALTHUSIAN - Across Deaths CD 11,00
MASACRE - Sacro CD 11,00
MASACRE - Brutal Agre666ion CD 10,00
MORBID ILLUSION - In the Crypt of the Stifled CD 11,00
MORTE - Miasma CD 11,00
NECROSANCT - Incarnate CD 11,00
NECROSANCT - Desolate CD 11,00
NUNSLAUGHTER / VOMIT OF DOOM - Live Without Mercy MCD 7,00
OPPRESSOR - Solstice of Oppression CD 11,00
RAVENOUS DEATH - Chapters of an Evil Transition CD 10,00
REDEMPTOR - Arthaneum CD 11,00
REDEMPTOR - The Becoming (2005-2011) CD (slipcase) 12,00
SEPSISM - Purulent Decomposition CD 11,00
SHED THE SKIN - Harrowing Faith CD 11,00
SHED THE SKIN - We of Scorn CD 11,00
SKULLCRUSH - Visions of the Firestorm Eclipse MCD 8,00
SUPREME CARNAGE - Morbid Ways to Die CD 11,00
TROMORT - Camino de la Sangre CD 11,00
VIDRES A LA SANG - Set de Sang CD 11,00
VILE APPARITION - Depravity Ordained CD 110,00
VOMITILE - Pure Eternal Hate CD 11,00
WARKUNT - Of Ruins and Agony CD 11,00
BLOOD OF SERPENTS - Sulphur Sovereign CD (digipak) 12,00
CADAVERIC POSSESSION - The Malevolent Predestination CD 11,00
CULTES DES GHOULES - Sinister, or Treading the Darker Paths CD 11,00
DEMONOMANCY - Poisoned Atonement CD 11,00
GOATHRONE - The Black MCD 7,00
IMPURE DECLARATION - No Paths, No Guide MCD 7,00
INTHYFLESH - The Flaming Death 2CD 15,00
MARTHYRIUM - Beyond the Thresholds CD 11,00
NAZGHOR - Infernal Aphorism CD 11,00
SPEARHEAD - Pacifism Is Cowardism CD 11,00
VISIONS - Visions CD 11,00
AGGRESSOR - Procreate the Petrifactions / Demo 1991 CD 12,00
CAPTOR - Lay It to Rest + Demos 2CD 15,00
CEMETERY LUST - Rotting in Piss CD 11,00
CREATE A KILL - Summoned to Rise CD 11,00
DEATHHAMMER - Chained to Hell CD 11,00
MANGLER - Dimensions of Terror CD 11,00
MANIAC - Vermin Hell CD 11,00
MASTER - Collection of Souls CD 11,00
VENDETTA - Go and Live... Stay and Die CD (slipcase) 12,00
VENDETTA - Brain Damage CD (slipcase) 12,00
ATARAXIE - Slow Transcending Agony CD (digipak) 12,00
BENEATH OBLIVION - The Wayward and the Lost CD (digipak) 12,00
COMATOSE VIGIL A.K. - Evangelium Nihil CD (digipak) 12,00
ENNUI - The Last Way CD 10,00
ENNUI - End of the Circle CD (digipak) 12,00
IMINDAIN - And the Living Shall Envy the Dead CD (digipak) 12,00
IMINDAIN - The Enemy of Fetters and Dwellers in the Woods CD 11,00
MAJESTIC DOWNFALL - Waters of Fate CD 11,00
NEKKROFUKK - Deny the Image of God CD 11,00
PALE DIVINE - Pale Divine CD 11,00
PROFETUS - Coronation of the Black Sun / Saturnine 2CD 15,00
RITUALS OF THE DEAD HAND - Blood Oath CD (digipak) 12,00
SINISTER DOWNFALL - Eremozoic CD 11,00
WORSHIP - Last CD Before Doomsday CD 11,00
WORSHIP - Terranean Wake CD 11,00

RAVENOUS DEATH - Chapters of an Evil Transition CD [MEMENTO-LXXVIII]
The striking debut full-length by this Mexican band. Hailing from the vast Death Metal hotbed of Mexico, Ravenous Death feature current members of such other bands as Remains, Demonic Manifestation and Deathīs Forsaken. The bandīs embryo was brought forth in 2016 during the recording of Remainsī third album in Mexico City, when vocalist/guitar player Miguel Angel and drummer Esteban Salcedo toyed with the idea of creating a Death Metal band influenced by Vomitory, Torture Division and the likes. Later on, both musicians shared their vision with lead guitarist Enrique Fray, and the three of them agreed to push the idea forward and carry it out as a side-project due to the commitments they all had with their main bands. Soon after, Enrique and Miguel Angel began writing songs for the newborn abomination, and the three members decided to name the band after a Vomitory song titled "The Ravenous Dead". Fast forward to October 2016, and the recording of Ravenous Deathīs debut demo/EP, "Ominous Deathcult", is finalized (although not released as a Bandcamp download until March 2017), including 5 songs chock full of rotting maliciousness that show great poise in combining blasting brutality, crushing heaviness, somber ambience and fierce intensity, with the lyrical themes revolving about death, occultism, blasphemy and other classic topics of the olden Metal of Death. On May 13th, 2017, the band make their first live performance in the city of Guadalajara. For this occasion two new members were recruited -namely, bass player Alejandro Mendez and guitarist Diego Gomez- leaving Miguel Angel on vocal duties alone. After the excellent crowd response, both Alejandro and Diego join the band as official members. Emboldened by this patient momentum, at last arrives Ravenous Deathīs full-length debut, aptly titled "Chapters of an Evil Transition". Indeed displaying the bandīs transition into an evil Death Metal juggernaut, the album absolutely bleeds the molten-yet-mildewed essence of 90īs Metal of Death. Fucking fashion and trends and especially fickle tastes, "Chapters of an Evil Transition" is a gutsfucking time-warp to the days when Death Metal was supposedly "dead", lost in favor of Black Metal, Power Metal or (worse) ill-fated sellout fantasies. In this landscape did many a raw and righteous mini-classic get birthed, and suitably do Ravenous Death continue the proud legacy of Vomitory and Mexican forebears Shub Niggurath, but also especially Sadistic Intent, Seance, old Grave, 90īs Immolation, 90īs Vader and Finlandīs Demigod. No more but definitely no less, this is Death Metal by and for Death Metal maniacs: no bullshit and no sellout! Completed by stark artwork courtesy of Mörtuus and mastering by the esteemed Javier Felez at Moontower Studios, allow Ravenous Death to read you "Chapters of an Evil Transition"!

The staggering debut full-length by this Australian band. Oozing out of Melbourne, Vile Apparition is a new project of Oliver Ballantyne (drums) and Jamie Colic (guitar, bass, vocals), both ex-members of the mighty Sewercide that left shortly after the recording of that bandīs debut album, "Immortalized in Suffering", in order to pursue other endeavors. Vile Apparitionīs self-released debut 4-song demo, "Atrocious Captivity", was picked up for a cassette release in early 2018 on Transylvanian Tapes, just in time for the band to fill their live lineup for their first run of shows starting January 2018. Alas, "Atrocious Captivity" was but a brief taste of the nastiness to come, now in the form of Vile Apparitionīs full-length debut, "Depravity Ordained". No lies in that title: this is fetid and filthy Death Metal that puts a premium on the bludgeon! Old school as it comes, of course, Vile Apparitionīs no-frills approach hearkens to the likes of Morpheus Descends, Ripping Corpse and Deteriorot, as well as the early works of Suffocation, Deeds of Flesh and Cryptopsy. An astounding exhibition of ridiculous, malignant heaviness thatīll drill a hole in your skull and blow your brain cells to smithereens, the album also includes the preceding demo as bonus tracks. With suitably classic cover art courtesy of Chaostouched and mastering by Dan Lowndes at Resonance Sound Studio, Vile Apparition bring you blunt-force trauma with "Depravity Ordained"!

The stunning debut full-length by this Australian band. Hailing from Sydney, Horrisonous formed in late 2015 and comprise a handful of hardened members of the local underground scene, including past or current members of such acts as Temple Nightside, Backyard Mortuary, The Slow Death, Illimitable Dolor and Pestilential Shadows among others. Not surprisingly, Horrisonous deliver aural slime, decay and misery by means of the ageless brand of Death Metal thatīs equally ponderous, crushing and fervent, enhanced with slithering tempos and influenced by the likes of Bolt Thrower, Asphyx, Autopsy, Death, early Paradise Lost, Celtic Frost, Carcass, Dismember and Incantation. They proved it on their debut EP, "The Plague Doctors", in 2016 and they proved it with the Asphyx and Celtic Frost covers comprising the follow-up "The Plague Doctors B-sides" EP two years later, and they fully prove it with their debut full-length, "A Culinary Cacophony". A cursory glance at some of the albumīs song titles ("Crispy Chunks of the Obese", "Nourishment Through Excrement", "Number of the Feast"...) and one could potentially assume Horrisonous are a hokey gore band. While their noses are no doubt in tune with lifeīs foulest recesses, Horrisonous are deadly serious about their juggernauting Death Metal. Requisitely filthy as any Memento Mori release, "A Culinary Cacophony" digs deeply into the doom and serves up serious helpings of up-tempo gallop and blast. Itīs a world-eating sound that evokes a creepiness quite at odds with such otherwise tongue-in-cheek titles, but only Horrisonous know the methods to their madness... Brazenly adorned with garishly gruesome cover art courtesy of Rod Scott, Horrisonous offer a symphony of sickness with "A Culinary Cacophony"!

This is the list of stuff (new items and restocks) that arrived at the store over the course of the last month:

ANATOMIA - Cranial Obsession CD
BLOOD MORTIZED - The Demon, the Angel, the Disease CD
BOETHIAH - Celestial Gateway MCD
CARDIAC ARREST - Cadaverous Presence CD
COMECON - Converging Conspiracies CD
DISGORGE - Gorelics CD
DIVINE EVE / VEX - Vengeful and Obstinate / The Circular Ruins CD
ESKHATON - Nihilgoety CD
ESKHATON - Worship Death CD
ESKHATON - Omegalitheos CD
ETERNAL LIES - Burning the Nest CD
KORPSESOTURI - Malus Corpus CD (digipak)
LACERATION - Imitation MCD (cardboard sleeve)
PENTACLE - Ancient Death CD
PENTACLE - Five Candles Burning Red CD
PENTACLE - The Fifth Moon... Beyond and Back 2CD
PSYCHOTOMY - Aphotik CD (digipak)
PUTREFACT - I Shall Die upon This Putrefaction MCD
SEANCE - Levitised Spirit MCD
SELEFICE - Where Is the Heaven CD
SEPTICEMIA - Years of the Unlight CD
SEROCS - The Phobos / Deimos Suite CD
SEVERANCE The Truth in Question CD
SEVERANCE - The Concession Continuum CD
SKYGLOW - Thousand Years of Terror CD
SUMMONING DEATH - The House That Screamed CD
TORN APART - Dissolving in Eternity CD
UNHOLY LUST - Humanity and Its End CD
VITRIOL - Pain Will Define Their Death MCD
DEIPHAGO - Anthology CD
NAGLFAR - Principium CD
EVIL - Rites of Evil CD
FLAMES - Last Prophecy CD
INFERNAL ASSAULT - Spectres of the Night CD
NEKROFILTH - Devilīs Breath + Acid Brain CD
PRIME EVIL - Underground Origins CD
PROFANATOR - Mvtter Vicivm CD
RETCH - Anathema CD
RIPPER - Destroy the World / The Exit CD
SABBAT - Disembody CD
SABBAT - Sabbatical Earlyearslaught 4CD (box set)
STORMBANE - Eldritch Devotion CD
VENOMWOLF - Stormriding Power CD
VENUS TORMENT - The Overdose of Suffering CD
DISROTTED - Divination CD
EVOKEN - Quietus CD (super jewel)
EVOKEN - A Caress of the Void / Omniscient 2CD (digipak)

December 10th - January 10th

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Should anyone have any doubt or question, or find any trouble when trying to open/download the list + terms, donīt hesitate to get in touch.

Happy hunting!!!

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