MALIGNANT (U.S.A.) signed to Memento Mori!!!
In our endless quest to push and support current underground acts that perpetuate the odor of vintage Death Metal, weīre extremely thrilled to announce a new signing: MALIGNANT, from U.S.A.

Malignant was formed in Southern California in early 2017 by Fernando Psijas, Kevin Castro and Antonio Arias. They strive to bring crushing, putrescent, head-smashing, no-frills old school Death Metal thatīs massively heavy, ghastly, aggressive and violent. After much trial and failure with five different drummers, they were able to recruit ex-Morfin drummer Miguel Hernandez, who will be doing live shows and help write the upcoming full length album.

Memento Mori will unleash the CD version of their debut full-length album in the 1st half of 2019. Further details to follow in the coming months. Meanwhile, make sure to listen to their previous output (links below).

For fans of: Convulse, Gorguts, Morgoth, Carcass, Morta Skuld...

"Purity Through Putrefaction" EP (2018)


FILTHEATER (U.S.A.) signed to Memento Mori!!!
In our endless quest to push and support current underground acts that perpetuate the odor of vintage Death Metal, weīre extremely thrilled to announce a new signing: FILTHEATER, from U.S.A.

Filtheater began back in 2010 when founder and sole member K.J.īs bands dissipated. This led to the exploration of the abysmal, primal, stripped down Death Metal that he had worshipped as a teen. Unable to find like-minded musicians in Mississippi, K.J. went on to write and perform all aspects of the music, releasing several EPīs over the next 3 years. Now in 2018, three like-minded maniacs (C.E., R.S. and A.W.) have been added to the lineup in order to fully flesh out the bandīs ancient and primitive sound, and keep the utter disgust going. Filtheater are now in the process of crafting their long overdue debut full-length assault. Prepare to be crushed under the weight of filthy and dismal Mississippi Death Metal!

Memento Mori will unleash the CD version of their debut full-length album in the 1st half of 2019. Further details to follow in the coming months. Meanwhile, make sure to listen to their previous output (links below).

For fans of: Incantation, Grave, Rottrevore, Asphyx, Phlegm, Autopsy, Nuclear Death, Embalmer, Goreaphobia, Corpus Rottus...

"Caliginosity" EP (2010)
"Tenebrae" EP (2011)
"Rites of Contempt and Disgust" split w/ Ishimura (2011)
"Noctivagant" EP (2012)
"Crepuscule" EP (2013)


This is the list of stuff (new items and restocks) that arrived at the store over the course of the last month:

ALTAR - And God Created Satan to Blame for His Mistakes CD
ALTAR - Youth Against Christ CD (digipak)
ALTAR - Ego Art CD (digipak)
ANIMA DAMNATA - Nefarious Seed Grows to Bring Forth Supremacy of the Beast CD
ANUURUK - Unspeakable Uncreation CD
BRUTALITY - In Mourning CD (digipak)
BRUTALITY - Orchestrated Devastation - The Best of CD (digipak)
BRUTALITY - Ruins of Humans MCD
BRUTALITY - Sea of Ignorance CD (digipak)
CHASTISEMENT - ...But Lost We Are + Demo 1997 CD
DARK - Sex īnī Death + Zlá Krev 2CD
DEMENTOR - The Church Dies / Morbid Infection CD
ECTOPLASMA - Spitting Coffins CD
ECTOPLASMA - Spitting Coffins + Cavern of Foul Unbeings 2xCD (special bundle)
EXOTO - Carnival of Souls + Bonus Tracks CD
GRACELESS - Shadowlands CD
GRAVEBOMB - Rot in Putrid Filth CD
GRAVESTONE (Sweden) - Rotten Kill MCD (slimcase)
GRAVESTONE (Sweden) - Sickening CD
KREMLIN - Decimation of the Elites CD
MIASMA - Changes CD (digipak)
NUCLEAR DEATH - Carrion for Worm CD
NUCLEAR DEATH - All Creatures Great and Eaten / For Our Dead CD
SARCASTIC TERROR - The Last Act of Subsidence CD
SICKENING GORE - Destructive Reality CD (digipak)
SODOMIZED CADAVER - Verses of Vorarephilia CD
TERATOMA - In the Inside... Reborn the Flesh MCD
WARGRINDER - Tank Tread Doctrine CD
DAKHMA - Passageways to Daena (The Concomitant Blessings of Putrescing Impurity) CD (digipak)
GRAVE DESECRATOR - Deathspells Rising CD
GRAVE DESECRATOR - Sign of Doom CD (digipak)
HATE MANIFESTO - To Those Who Glorified Death CD (digipak)
STILLBORN - Mirrormaze / Die in Torment 666 CD
STILLBORN - Manifiesto de Blasfemia CD
STILLBORN - Los Asesinos del Sur CD
STILLBORN - Testimonio de Bautismo CD
ANCIENT DOME - The Void Unending CD
DEVASTATION - Signs of Life CD
EXPULSER - Fornications on the Bloody Cross CD
HEADCRASHER - Nothing Will Remain 2CD
HEXX - Morbid Reality CD
LIEGE LORD - Master Control CD
MX - Simoniacal CD
MX - Mental Slavery CD
MYSTO DYSTO - The Rules Have Been Disturbed + No AIDS in Hell CD
NOCTURN - Estranged Dimensions CD
THE CRUCIFIER - Voices in My Head CD
WARBRINGER - War Without End CD
WARFIST - Metal to the Bone CD
WARFIST / EXCIDIUM - Laws of Perversion & Filth CD
WARGASM - Why Play Around? CD
WARGASM - Ugly + 5 CD
WARGASM - Fireball (Expanded Edition) CD
WHIPLASH - Thrashback CD (digipak)
13th TEMPLE - Southern Woods & Invernal Tombs CD

This is the list of stuff (new items and restocks) that arrived at the store over the course of the last month:

ABORTED FETUS - The Art of Violent Torture CD
AGONIA - Servants CD
AIWAZ - Dreams of Ancient Gods CD
ANTROPOFAGUS - Methods of Resurrection Through Evisceration CD
BLASPHEMER (Italy) - Ritual Theophagy CD
CADAVERIC INCUBATOR - Sermons of the Devouring Dead CD
CATACOMB - The Lurker at the Threshold / In the Maze of Kadath CD
COFFIN CREEP - Corpse Defiler CD
COFFIN LUST - Manifestation of Inner Darkness CD
DEATH YELL - Descent into Hell CD
DEHUMANIZED - Beyond the Mind CD
DERACINATION - Times of Atrocity + Demos 2CD
DESECRATE THE FAITH - Unholy Infestation CD
DESOLATE SHRINE - Deliverance from the Godless Void CD
DESTINO/ENTIERRO - Cryptic Procession of the Yellow Sign CD
DEVANGELIC - Phlegethon CD
DHWESHA - Sthoopa CD
DISASTROUS MURMUR - Skinning Beginning 1989 -1991 CD
DISASTROUS MURMUR - Rhapsodies in Red CD
DORMANTH - Winter Comes CD
ECTOPLASMA - Cavern of Foul Unbeings CD
ELECTROCUTION - Into the Unreal + Demos 2CD
ENCOFFINATION - Ritual Ascension Beyond Flesh CD
ENCOFFINATION - Oī Hell, Shine in Thy Whited Sepulchres CD
ENCOFFINATION - Necros Obscuritas CD
EXANIMATVM - Dispersae et Tormentum CD
EXCIDIUM - Infecting the Graves - Vol. 1 CD
EXCIDIUM - Infecting the Graves - Vol. 2 CD
FACE OF OBLIVION - Cataclysmic Desolation CD
HORRID - Blasphemic Creatures CD
HORRID - Reborn in Sin CD
HORRID - Sacrilegious Fornication CD
HORRID - Beyond the Dark Border CD
HORRIFIED - Allure of the Fallen CD
INFESTICIDE - Deathīs Formulas Fatal CD
KUOLEMAN NYPLAAJAT - Seksikas Kuoleman Leiri MCD
MORTAL DECAY - The Blueprint for Blood Spatter CD
NEXUL - Paradigm of Chaos CD
NUNSLAUGHTER - Angelic Dread 2CD
NUNSLAUGHTER - The Devilīs Congeries Vol. 1 2CD
NUNSLAUGHTER - The Devilīs Congeries Vol. 2 2CD
PANOPTICON DEATH - Eternity in Madness CD
PANOPTICON DEATH - The Final Prophecy CD
PATHOLOGY - Pathology CD
PIROSAINT - Infected Brutality CD (digipak)
PRION - Uncertain Process CD + DVD
REDEMPTOR - Arthaneum CD
ROTHEADS - Sewer Fiends CD
ROTTED - Pestilent Tomb CD
SELEFICE - Where Is the Heaven CD
TEMPLE OF VOID - Of Terror and the Supernatural CD
TEMPLE OF VOID - Lords of Death CD
THIRD SOVEREIGN - Perversion Swallowing Sanity CD
VOMIT THE SOUL - Portraits of Inhuman Abominations CD
ABATUAR - Perversiones de Muerte Putrefacta CD
HADES ARCHER - Temple of the Impure CD
KAPALA - Infest Cesspool MCD
MORTUARY DRAPE - All the Witches Dance / Into the Drape CD
MORTUARY DRAPE - Spiritual Independence CD (digipak)
MORTUARY DRAPE - Tolling 13 Knell CD (slipcase)
PERDITION TEMPLE - The Tempterīs Victorious CD
PROFANATICA - Profanatitas de Domonatia 2CD (digipak)
PROFANATICA - Disgusting Blasphemies Against God CD
PROFANATICA - Sickened by Holy Host / The Grand Masters Session CD
PROFANATICA - Thy Kingdom Cum CD
PROFANATICA - The Curling Flame of Blasphemy CD
SACRILEGIOUS RITE - Summoned from Beyond CD
SLAUGHTBBATH - Contempt, War and Damnation CD
BONEHUNTER - Rabid Sonic Fire CD
BONEHUNTER - Sexual Panic Human Machine CD
DEATHFUCKER - Fuck the Trinity MCD
FLAMES - Summon the Dead CD
FLAMES - Last Prophecy CD
FLAMES - In Agony Rise CD (digipak)
RAPTURE - Crimes Against Humanity CD
RAPTURE - Paroxysm of Hatred CD
RAPTURE - Crimes Against Humanity + Paroxysm of Hatred 2xCD (special bundle)
ALUNAH - Call of Avernus CD
ALUNAH - White Hoarhound CD (digipak)
ARGENTUM - Ars Nigrorum CD
ARGENTUM - Ad Interitum Funebrarum CD
ARGENTUM - Stigma Mortuorum CD
CODEX GIGAS - Letanías del Exorcismo CD
PRIMITIVE MAN - Scorn CD (digipak)
PROCESSION - To Reap Heavens Apart CD
THE MEZMERIST - The Innocent, the Forsaken, the Guilty CD + DVD

The long-awaited debut full-length from this Romanian putrid ensemble. Rotheads was formed in Bucharest back in 2014 as an old-school Death Metal side-project to the experimental Doom/Noise/Stoner-improv band Keeng Raīat; both bands contained the same three members. By 2015, five songs were written, and recordings began in December of that year. Ultimately, six songs (plus intro and outro) came out in April 2016 as the "Unfazed by Death" demo, which turned out to be a remarkable, sick trip into the bowels of murky and foul-smelling Death Metal. In the meantime, another guitarist joined the band, and the original bassist left and rejoined later on. The original drummer and vocalist also left the band in August, and another drummer has since joined, while the vocals are now handled by the original guitarist. Rotheads have played only a few times live, the most memorable being two gigs around Romania with the legendary Sadistic Intent. "Aptly fucking titled" is an understatement when it comes to "Sewer Fiends". Here, Rotheads take their aggregate influences -particularly from the classic early 90īs Finnish scene (Abhorrence, early Sentenced, Demigod, Depravity), as well as other timeless crypt dwellers such as Autopsy, Incantation, Carnage, Accidental Suicide, Grave and Asphyx- and proceed to create a mesmerizingly murky and moody work with their debut album. The sewage is piled high and plentifully, as foul and fetid riffs flow fast and freely, but always with a clearly discernible direction; after all, Rotheads are firmly grounded in the timeless songwriting style of old school Death Metal, where feeling and texture are paramount over technique and other flashy wank. And those riffs continue to roll ever forward, malevolently and majestically, just like a (filth-strewn) tank. And yet, amidst all this crunch and carnage lay a layering of eerie melody atop, evoking fresh crypts opening slowly or the tension of wandering further into tomb-like sewers. Indeed, Rotheads are as aptly named as their album is titled, and we dare you to emerge from their moldy embrace completely clean... Thereīs just no way to wash off this horror! As an appetizer, just stare deeply into Cesar Valladaresī cryptic cover art. And, with mixing and mastering courtesy of Javier Felez at Moontower Studios, itīs all but guaranteed that Rotheadsī "Sewer Fiends" will be one of the best (if not THE BEST) Death Metal debuts of the year!

ECTOPLASMA - Cavern of Foul Unbeings CD [MEMENTO-LXVIII]
The highly anticipated second full-length from this Greek institution in current Death Metal. The band was initiated by Giannis Grim (Carnal Dread, Humanity Zero, Death Trap, Vultur) and George Wolf (Forced In, Dismal Chant, Vultur) when Carnal Dread and Forced In shared the bill at a local show back in the grip of winter of 2012. Both musicians being real zealots of what Death Metal was known for back in the late 80īs and the early 90īs -in other words, no tech wankery and no crystal-clear production-, they rapidly entered the studio just to start jamming, and ultimately gave birth to Ectoplasma. Shortly after, the "Everlasting Deathreign" demo was discharged upon mankind, granting the band some following among diehard fans of unpolished Death Metal. On subsequent releases (the "Spitting Coffins" debut full-length and the split tape with Hatevomit), the band kept on perfecting their craft and obtaining more adherents of their underground creed, reaching a more mature sound by the time the "Skeletal Lifeforms" EP was released in late 2016 (tape format) / early 2017 (CD format), in which Ectoplasma shamelessly manifested their devotion to muddy, organic, disgusting, bone-breaking and rotten-to-the-core Death Metal influenced by the early offerings of bands such as Autopsy, Baphomet, Asphyx, Morta Skuld, Grave, Demigod, Gutted, Death and Judecca, only with their own personal twist. With the recent addition of Dion K. Alastor (Vultur) on guitars and Giannis Botsis (Embrace of Thorns, Thou Art Lord) on drums, Ectoplasma are ready to continue their foul crusade against inane, overproduced "Death Metal" and take it to the next level of grime and decrepitude. And indeed, they accomplish that -and much more- with their absolutely gutsfucking second album, "Cavern of Foul Unbeings". So accurately titled itīs almost ridiculous, "Cavern of Foul Unbeings" is a sickening plunge into ancient Death Metalīs darkest and most disgusting depths. Here, Ectoplasma take all the mangled and mangling elements of their most recent work and simply perfect them in a most punishing and pustulent way. If one were to close his eyes, "Cavern of Foul Unbeings" could easily be mistaken for a stalwart album release in that grand year of 1992 -but open your eyes and the nightmare continues, decades later and disregarding all shameful and softening trends under the banner of Death ever since. But, beyond the bandīs slavish devotion to the almighty Metal of Death, what really shines on "Cavern of Foul Unbeings" is the strength of its songwriting; each song is as solid and seamless as the one prior, and each one offers its own personality and surprises. That they conclude the album with a cover of the legendary Unleashedīs "The Immortals" speaks to Ectoplasmaīs grounding and undying belief in actual SONGwriting. Featuring era-accurate cover artwork courtesy of Raul Fuentes and clear and crushing mastering by The Cryptīs Ted Tringo, "Cavern of Foul Unbeings" proves that the past is truly alive... and deader than ever!

RAPTURE - Paroxysm of Hatred CD [MEMENTO-LXIX]
The skull-bashing 2nd full-length from this Greek commando. Hailing from Athens, the band was formed in 2012 by a bunch of ridiculously young lads that felt an overwhelming urge to return to the sound of the old Thrash Metal and Thrash/Death Metal acts of the late 80īs / early 90īs. After two demos, the band saw their critically acclaimed debut album, "Crimes Against Humanity", released on Witches Brew in 2015, followed up by the self-financed "Total Madness Reigns" EP in 2016. Both releases allowed them to play a good number of shows and festivals all over Greece, sharing the stage with some of the best bands of the Greek underground scene, as well as opening for some international acts such as Sodom and Vektor. Prior to the release of their sophomore album on Memento Mori, they were featured on the "Preachers of the Fallen Fate" split w/ Toxic Carnage, released by Hellforced Records and Chainsaw Distro. We at Memento Mori donīt usually get impressed by current Thrash Metal acts. But the day these young guys sent us two demo songs recorded live at the rehearsal room, we sure as hell knew we wanted Rapture aboard at any cost, for they manage to hit all the right spots. No trace of dumb melodies and no sign of compromise: itīs all about aggressive, frantic and organic Thrash/Death Metal with catchy, heavy and headbang-inducing breaks that keep the whole listening process really interesting and dynamic. Heavily influenced by Dark Angel, Demolition Hammer, early Death, Sadus, Slayer, Merciless, Protector, Rigor Mortis, Massacra, Sepultura, Destruction, Num Skull, early Pestilence and Sodom, "Paroxysm of Hatred" is no re-inventing of the wheel. But we donīt really need no forward-thinking crap in our Thrash Metal. We just want it loud, fierce, violent, pounding, organic and technically competent, and thatīs exactly what these maniacs have on offer. Engineered by Haris Vougiatzis (of War Possession / Embrace of Thorns fame) at his own Eleventh Tower Studios, and sporting a terrific cover art by the talented illustrator / tattoo artist known as Chaostouched, "Paroxysm of Hatred" is the most exciting album in the style the world has witnessed in recent times, and itīll definitely whip up a storm of feelings in even the most hardened scenesters!

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