KURNUGIA - Forlorn and Forsaken CD [MEMENTO-XCI]
The highly anticipated debut full-length by this U.S. band. Hailing from the rustbelt Metal hotbed of Cleveland, Kurnugia was founded by ex-members of Decrepit, Nunslaughter, Embalmer, December Wolves and Delusion. Not surprisingly, this assembly of seasoned underground veterans is heavily influenced by the classic Death Metal of the early 90´s, and that´s exactly what Kurnugia aim for: to go back right to the roots of the genre and pay homage to the deeds of old, unaware of gimmicks, trends and mindless experimentation. No more, and definitely no less! Kurnugia delivered their debut EP, "Tribulations of the Abyss", in 2013 and then followed it with another EP, "Condemned to Obscurity", in 2016. All too teasing have been these short-length assaults, but at last arrives Kurnugia´s debut album! Aptly titled, "Forlorn and Forsaken" is ancient aural debauchery, delivered with evil intent, rotting and heinous. Fittingly, this full-length encapsulates everything Kurnugia have stood for to date: crushing riffery, divebombing solos and tight tank-treads of rhythm, all delivered with swift simplicity of design, but upratcheting the production to a clear and cutting devastation. Well-produced but not "too well-produced", "Forlorn and Forsaken" still seeps with a primordial heaviness rooted in classic Death Metal songcraft, nodding to (but not ripping off) the seminal works of Immolation, Grave, Incantation, Autopsy, Entombed, Cianide, Morbid Angel, Dismember, Death, Unleashed, Deicide and Benediction. And of course, this classicism is reflected in Mark Cooper´s attention-grabbing cover art as well! You can´t teach old dogs new tricks, the cliche goes, but you can let those dogs do what they do best: proudly stick to the early 90´s traditions of Death Metal. That´s been Memento Mori´s modus operandi since day one, and we hereby welcome you into Kurnugia´s netherworld with "Forlorn and Forsaken"!

FUNERALOPOLIS - ...of Deceit and Utter Madness CD [MEMENTO-XCII]
The astounding debut full-length by this Swiss band. Hailing from Lenzburg, Funeralopolis was awoken under the name Human Waste in 2006. With vocalist Void joining the band in 2009, they changed the name to Funeralopolis. Void left the band shortly after, but the name stayed. They started recording the first demo, titled "…of Death", with a slightly different lineup (guitar-desecrator Thuri also took on vocals) under horrible circumstances in only 48 hours, including mixing and mastering. The tape was released as a co-release between Dark Descent Records and Skeleton Plague. Several years and beers later, the recording of the "…of Prevailing Chaos" EP took place at Hidden Stash Studios, with a slightly different lineup. It was summoned in 2013. Funeralopolis didn´t have any lineup changes since 2011, and have been around since a decade now. Over the years, they´ve shared the stage with bands like Mystifier, Dead Congregation, Excruciation, Diocletian, Bölzer, Sadistic Intent and many more. That stage experience certainly plays into the band´s long-awaited debut album, "...of Deceit and Utter Madness". With a gutsfucking guitar tone at the fore and utterly vile bass beneath, Funeralopolis crush chest cavities (and dreams) with a crusty sort of Death Metal that violently vacillates between lumbering, world-eating doom and ragged, almost-punkish gallops. Indeed, the spectre of domestic legends Hellhammer looms large here, but the band are undoubtedly most influenced by Death Metal from the late 80´s and early 90´s. Such names invoked include Autopsy, Darkthrone, Asphyx, Sadistic Intent, Nihilist, Necrovore, Obituary, Incantation and Blasphemy. However, other bands like Sodom, Cianide, Sarcofago, Winter, Candlemass, Doom, Carnivore and many, many more also had a big impact on Funeralopolis. In fact, one could say that the bubbling mass of "...of Deceit and Utter Madness" is a veritable love letter to all these noble influences. Fittingly, "...of Deceit and Utter Madness" is graced with alluring cover art courtesy of Mark Cooper, and maximum heaviness is ensured by Ted Tringo´s mastering job. Funeralopolis open up the earth and present your mass grave!

PYRE - Chained to Ossuaries CD [MEMENTO-XCIII]
The long-awaited sophomore full-length by this Russian band. Rising from the sewers of Saint Petersburg in 2011 and consisting of some hyperactive musicians who are/were members of other underground Russian acts such as Teitanfyre, Drama, Ulvdalir, Internal Damage, Blazing Rust, Chamber Of Torture and others, Pyre´s unholy sledgehammer of rotting and caustic music is Death fucking Metal right down to its genes. It´s as genuine and convincing as it can possibly get, focusing on the traditional and raw sound reminiscent of greats such as Asphyx, Grave, Morgoth, Nihilist/early Entombed, Death, Unleashed, Autopsy, Repugnant, Obituary, Dismember and Pestilence, and rivalling most of their recent peers trying to do the same thing. After a number of previous releases and lots of gigs under their belts, in and out of their motherland, Pyre are now ready to bust through their second opus, "Chained to Ossuaries". No quarter given and no compromises made, here do Pyre chain themselves to their signature traditionalist sound -again, it´s Death fucking Metal, and it needs to stay that way- but nevertheless do the power trio strive for a sound that´s darker, more cryptic and more hypnotic as a result. Indeed, "Chained to Ossuaries" is as sinister as its title suggests, galloping forward one minute and dragging the listener down into doomed abysses the other, the former flaying the listener alive while the latter throbs with the ominousness of a gargantuan subterranean beast. Of especial note is the production here, crisp and lively, richly analog but not drowning in reverb or over-distortion, the drums in particular snapping bones with ease. With dark and stylish cover art courtesy of Artem Grigoryev, Pyre prove with "Chained to Ossuaries" that the second strike is deadlier indeed!

CANCERBERO (Chile) signed to Memento Mori!!!
In our endless quest to push and support current underground acts that perpetuate the odor of vintage Death Metal, we´re extremely thrilled to announce a new signing: CANCERBERO, from Chile.

CANCERBERO was formed by vocalist/bassist Peter in the city of Concepción in 1987. The band split in 1994 due to musical differences after releasing two demos ("Guardian of Hell" in 1988 and "Perpetual Agony" in 1991). Both demos received worldwide praise from underground bangers and fanzines, and the band got to play with some the best Death Metal bands in Chile, such as Atomic Aggressor, Death Yell and Torturer. The band was reformed in 2001 and regurgitated a number of minor releases to add up to the already cult band´s legacy and status. In 2010 a new, unholy era began for the band, introducing a renovated lineup and a rawer, darker and more morbid approach to the band´s totally old school based Death Metal, manifested in all its impious glory in the band´s debut 2012 album, "At the Portal of Evoked Blasphemies", as well as the 2013 "Malevolence" EP. Over the next years, the band made extensive tours across Chile, spreading their ancient brand of malevolent and loathsome Metal of Death all around, and satisfying the thirst for evil music of old and new fans alike. In 2018, Peter was forced to recruit flesh blood after the departure of all other band members, and L. Grave (drums), Agonizer (guitar) and Uther (guitar) joined the ranks of CANCERBERO. With this fresh and dedicated lineup, the band conceived a split EP w/ Morbosatan, and the sophomore 2019 album, "Reconquering the Throne of Death", an aptly titled masterpice of olden, thrashy Metal of Death that took the underground scene by the storm. As of April 2020, the band´s already working on new songs for their third album, an album that will most definitely become yet another lesson in devilish and archaic Death Metal the way it was meant to be in the 80´s, not just musically, but also in essence, spirit and attitude.

FFO: Morbid Angel, Possessed, Mortem, Sadistic Intent, Asphyx, Celtic Frost, Mantas/Death, Messiah, Pentacle...

Memento Mori will unleash the CD version of their 3rd full-length album in 2021. Further details to follow in the coming months. Meanwhile, make sure to give them a like on Facebook and listen to their previous output (links below).

"Guardian of Hell" demo (1988)
"Perpetual Agony" demo (1991)
"Live at Havana 2002" live album (2002)
"Abominations from Hell" demo (2007)
"The Carnage Continues" demo (2008)
"The Carnage Continues / Abominations from Hell" compilation (2008)
Corpse Grinder / Cancerbero / Hellfire split (2008)
"At the Portal of the Evoked Blasphemies" album (2012)
"Malevolence" EP (2013)
"Guardian of Perpetual Hell" compilation (2018)
"Castigo Divino del Abismo" split (2019)
"Reconquering the Throne of Death" album (2019)
"The Chaosbringer" EP (to be released later this year)


This is the huge list of new items and restocks that arrived at the store over the course of the last month:

ANASARCA - Survival Mode CD
APOSTATE - At the Tomb of Sanity CD
ASSUMPTION - Absconditus CD
ATARAXY - Where All Hope Fades CD
BLOOD - Christbait CD
BLOOD - O Agios Pethane CD (digipak)
BLOOD - Mental Conflicts CD
BLOOD - Depraved Goddess CD
BLOOD - Gas. Flames. Blood CD
BLOOD - Inferno CD
BROKEN HOPE - Swamped in Gore CD
BROKEN HOPE - Omen of Disease CD
CADAVERIC INCUBATOR - Sermons of the Devouring Dead CD
CARNAL RUIN - Gnosis of Immortal Domain CD
CIANIDE - A Descent into Hell CD
CONCRETE - Chambers of Afterlife CD
CONQUEST ICON - Empire of the Worm CD
CORPSESSED - Impetus of Death CD
DAMNATION - Reborn... CD
DAMNATION - Rebel Souls CD (digipak)
DEICIDE - Overtures of Blasphemy CD (slipcase)
DEIQUISITOR - Deiquisitor CD
DEIQUISITOR - Downfall of the Apostates CD
DEIQUISITOR - Towards Our Impending Doom CD
ENCEPHALIC - Brutality and Depravity CD
FECUNDATION - Morte Cerebral MCD
FLUIDS - Exploitative Practices CD
GALVANIZER - Sanguine Vigil CD
GOREPHILIA - Severed Monolith CD
GORGASM - Stabwound Intercourse + Demo CD
HORRID - Reborn in Sin CD
HORRID - Rising from the Hidden Spheres CD
HORRID - As We Forget Our Past CD
IMMOLATION - Here in After CD (slipcase)
IMPRECATION - Satanae Tenebris Infinita CD
IMPRECATION - Damnatio ad Bestias CD
IMPRECATION / BLACK BLOOD INVOCATION - Diabolical Flames of the Ascended Plague 2CD (digipak)
INFERNAL DOMINION - Salvation Through Infinite Suffering CD
INTO COFFIN - The Majestic Supremacy of Cosmic Chaos MCD
INTO COFFIN - Unconquered Abysses CD
MAGNANIMVS - Storms of Chaotic Revelations CD + DVD
MASSACRE - Back from Beyond CD
NECROCHAOS - Crawling Through Cadavers MCD
NOMAD - Disorder / Tail of Substance 2CD (digipak)
NOMAD - Transmorgrification (Partus) / Tetramorph 2CD (digipak)
OBSCENITY - Retaliation CD
ROTTING KINGDOM - A Deeper Shade of Sorrow CD
SEMPITERNAL DUSK - Cenotaph of Defectuous Creation CD
SPECTRAL VOICE - Eroded Corridors of Unbeing CD
TIMEGHOUL - 1992-1994 Discography 2CD
UNCREATION - The Creation of Uncreation CD
UNDEATH - The Compilation of Decomposition CD
UNDERGANG - Indhentet af Døden CD
UNDERGANG - Til Døden os Skiller CD
UNDERGANG - Levende Forrådnelse .​.​. Live i USA CD (digipak)
UNDERSAVE - Now...Submit Your Flesh to the Master´s Imagination CD
UNDERSAVE - Sadistic Iterations… Tales of a Mental Rearrangement CD
ASGARD - Kletba Krale Stacha CD
ASGARD - Eleonora: Odhalení Jinotaje CD
AUTOMB - Chaosophy CD (digipak)
BATUSHKA - Litourgiya CD
CHRIST AGONY - Sacronocturn CD (digipak)
CHRIST AGONY - Epitaph of Christ CD (digipak)
CHRIST AGONY - Unholyunion CD (digipak)
CHRIST AGONY - Daemoonseth - Act II CD (digipak)
CHRIST AGONY - Moonlight - Act III CD
DEMONOMANCER - Poisoner of the New Black Age CD
GOATBLOOD - Apparition of Doomsday CD
IMPURITY - The Legend of Goat CD
IMPURITY / SABBAT - Rage and Horrors CD
LORD BELIAL - Kiss the Goat (Sic Transit Gloria Mundi) CD (digipak)
LORD BELIAL - Enter the Moonlight Gate CD (digipak)
PUTRID - Antichrist Above CD
RITO PROFANATORIO - Grimorios e Invocaciones desde el Templo de la Perversion CD
SACRILEGIUM - Sleeptime 2CD (digipak)
SCARS OF SODOM - Annihilation of Souls CD
VARATHRON - Walpurgisnacht CD (digipak)
VARATHRON - Crowsreign CD (digipak)
ABIGAIL - Intercourse & Lust CD
CRUCIFIED MORTALS - Converted by Decapitation CD
CRUCIFIED MORTALS - Psalms of the Dead Choir CD
FLAMES - Summon the Dead CD
FLAMES - Last Prophecy CD
HYPNOSIA - Extreme Hatred CD
LUCIFERA - Preludio del Mal CD
LUCIFERA - La Cacería de Brujas CD
MASTER - Collection of Souls CD
MASTER - Slaves to Society CD
MASTER - An Epiphany of Hate CD
NOCTURNAL - Storming Evil CD
OATH OF CRUELTY - Summary Execution at Dawn CD
RIPPER - Destroy the World / The Exit CD
RIPPER - Sensory Stagnation MCD
SABBAT - Disembody CD
SABBAT - Fetishism CD
SABBAT - The Dwelling CD
SABBAT - Karisma CD
SADISTIC RITUAL - Visionaire of Death CD
THANATOS - Emerging from the Netherworlds CD (slipcase)
THANATOS - Realm of Ecstasy CD (slipcase)
THANATOS - Angelic Encounters CD (slipcase)
VIOLATOR - Scenarios of Brutality CD
VULCANO - Anthropophagy CD
VULTURE - The Guillotine CD
CRYPT SERMON - The Ruins of Fading Light CD
SHADES OF DEEP WATER - Death´s Threshold CD

DIPYGUS (U.S.A.) signed to Memento Mori!!!
In our endless quest to push and support current underground acts that perpetuate the odor of vintage Death Metal, we´re extremely thrilled to announce a new signing: DIPYGUS, from U.S.A.

Since the dawn of the Paleolithic age, mankind has recorded spectacular scenes of death, whether in scenes of cannibal feasts crudely etched on cave walls, massacres immortalized in glyphs adorning monuments of the ancient kingdoms, or in chance recordings of grisly accidents, compiled and sold on home video to those with a thirst for that which is denied to them by our "civilized" society. Spawned in the contaminated sewers of Santa Cruz, California in 2013, DIPYGUS began as a 4-piece mutation performing rudimentary styles of Death Metal, a sonic evolution of the tradition continued from the time of Cro-Magnons. A 2015 demo recording, the earliest surviving documentation of the band, reveled in unexplained and bizarre events, including peculiar methods of whale carcass disposal and otherworldly monsters from on and off the silver-screen. After a lineup change in 2016, DIPYGUS recorded the "Long Pig Feast" EP, which featured terrifying rites, ritual mutilations and ominous sightings of a Mesozoic relic in the heart of the Congo. The first full-length album, "Deathooze", slowly de-composed in the murky shallows of powerplant runoff in the Monterey Bay, ultimately being recorded in 2018. Though quickly banned in over 16 countries, the debut album -exhibited in North America by Expansion Abyss and Caligari Records- attracted immediate attention among slime fetishists and similarly deviant circles. Placed appropriately alongside the Fiji mermaids and other grotesque artefacts found in curio cabinets of modern-day antiquarians, "Deathooze" continued the band´s exploration of inexplicable incidents, mysterious beasts and shocking carnage, including genuine audio recovered from a fatal attack at the hands of an ape gone mad! Following their debut, DIPYGUS was conjoined with an additional member, and began a new exploration in search of secrets hidden in the jungles of lost continents, where life is cheap. After successful initiation into the shadowy world of black market cuisine, an agreement was reached with Memento Mori and Expansion Abyss for the release of DIPYGUS´ second full-length recording, "Bushmeat". Showcasing more exotic and repulsive themes of the supernatural and taboo, "Bushmeat" presents an uncensored and unrelenting spectacle, with each element of the previous work irresponsibly taken to a further extreme. A prime cut of raw and grueling terror, it is fit for consumption by headhunters, body-snatchers, toad-venom junkies, cargo cultists, aquatic ape theorists, disaster tourists, carriers of tropical disease, voodoo practitioners and orgone revivalists only. All others have been warned...

FFO: Autopsy, Impetigo, Undergang, Asphyx, Nuclear Death...

Memento Mori (CD) and Expansion Abyss (LP) will unleash "Bushmeat" in the first half of 2021. Further details to follow in the coming months. Meanwhile, make sure to give them a like on Facebook and listen to their previous output (links below).

"MMXV" demo (2016)
"Long Pig Feast" EP (2017)
"Deathooze" album (2019)


This is the huge list of new items and restocks that arrived at the store over the course of the last month:

ABNORMALITY - Mechanisms of Omniscience CD
ABSU - Return to... Return of the Ancients: the Lost Absu Recordings 2CD
BOMBS OF HADES - Through the Dark Past CD
BOMBS OF HADES - Death Mask Replica CD (slipcase)
BUTCHER ABC - Butchery Workshop 2002-2009 CD
CANCERBERO - At the Portal of the Evoked Blasphemies CD
CANCERBERO - Reconquering the Throne of Death CD
CEMETARIAN - Tomb of Morbid Stench MCD
CEMETERY URN - Urn of Blood CD
CEMETERY URN - The Conquered Are Burned CD
CEMETERY URN - Cemetery Urn CD
CEMETERY URN - Barbaric Retribution CD
CENOTAPH / DAMNED CROSS - Reek from the Grave (Dark Hymns from the Past) CD
CENOTAPH - Epic Rites (9 Epic Tales and Death Rites) CD
CENTINEX - World Declension CD (digipak)
CENTINEX - Doomsday Rituals CD (digipak)
CENTURIAN - Contra Rationem CD
DAEMONIAC - Lord of Immolation MCD
DAEMONIAC - Dwellers of Apocalypse CD
DEATH´S FORSAKEN - I Evoke the Cryptic Darkness MCD (digisleeve)
DEMIGOD - Slumber of Sullen Eyes CD
DESECRATION (Italy) - Reincarnation of Eternal Suffering (1991-1995) CD
DETERIOROT - In Ancient Beliefs CD
DISMEMBER - Dismember CD (slipcase)
ECHOES OF DEATH - the Cemetery MCD
ERODED - Necropath CD
EVOKED - Ravenous Compulsion CD
EXHUMATION - Eleventh Formulae CD
FERETRO - Deathsolation MCD
GOREMENT - The Ending Quest CD (slipcase)
IMPRECATION - Satanae Tenebris Infinita CD
IMPRECATION / BLACK BLOOD INVOCATION - Diabolical Flames of the Ascended Plague 2CD (digipak)
INISANS - Transition CD
INTERMENT - Into the Crypts of Blasphemy CD
INTERMENT - Scent of the Buried CD
INVICTUS - The Catacombs of Fear CD
LIQUID VISCERA - Dead Body Obsession CD
MACHETAZO - Trono de Huesos CD
MACHETAZO - Trono de Huesos CD (digipak)
MAGNANIMVS - Storms of Chaotic Revelations CD + DVD
MALEFICARUM - Unblessed Vol. 1 CD
MALEFICARUM - Unblessed Vol. 2 CD
MOONDARK - The Shadowpath CD
MORBID FLESH - Rites of the Mangled CD
MORBUS GRAVE - Awakening of the Dead / Throne of Disgust CD
MORTIFY - Mortuary Remains CD
NAJASH - Viperaeon CD
NECROCURSE - Grip of the Dead CD
NECROPHILE - Awakening Those Oppressed CD
NECROPHILIAC - Maze of Forking Paths 2CD
NECROPSY - Buried in the Woods CD
OBSCURE - Back to Skull CD
OBSCURE - Darkness Must Prevail CD
OBSCURE INFINITY - Perpetual Descending into Nothingness CD
OBSCURE INFINITY - Evocation of Chaos CD
OBSCURE INFINITY - Into the Vortex of Obscurity CD
ONIRICOUS - La Caverna de Fuego CD
OPHIOLATRY - Transmutation CD
PLAGUE - Portraits of Mind CD
PUTRID YELL / PROFANER - The Beginning of the Mortuary Decay CD
PUTRID YELL / SOULROT - Putrid & Rotten: Past Life Horrors CD
REGURGITATION - Tales of Necrophilia CD + DVD (digibook)
RUDE - Soul Recall CD
RUDE - Remnants... CD
RUNEMAGICK - Darkness Death Doom + Moon of the Chaos Eclipse 2CD
SARCASM - Burial Dimensions 2CD
SARCASM - Within the Sphere of Ethereal Minds CD
SARCASM - Esoteric Tales of the Unserene CD
SCALPTURE - Eisenzeit CD
SKELETAL REMAINS - Beyond the Flesh CD
SKELETAL REMAINS - Condemned to Misery CD
SKELETAL REMAINS - Devouring Mortality CD
SKELETAL REMAINS / COFFINS / RUDE / CARNATION - Live at Asakusa Deathfest 2016 CD
SKELETHAL - Of the Depths... CD
SKELETHAL - Antropomorphia MCD (digipak)
SUPPRESSION - Repugnant Remains MCD
SURGIKILL - Sanguinary Revelations CD
TIAMAT - The Astral Sleep CD (slipcase)
VANHELGD - Temple of Phobos CD
VANHELGD - Deimos Sanktuarium CD
VERTHEBRAL - Regeneration CD
VISCERAL CARNAGE - Perverse Collection of Mutilated Bodies CD
ABOMINABLOOD - Dark Creatures in the Vaccum of Dementia + Bonus CD (digipak)
ABOMINABLOOD - The Rotten Smell of the Entities That Murmur CD
ABYSMAL LORD - Exaltation of the Infernal Cabal CD
AETERNUS - Shadows of Old CD
AETERNUS - Ascension of Terror CD
BAPTISM - V: The Devil´s Fire CD
BLOODTHORN - In the Shadow of Your Black Wings CD
DAWN - Slaughtersun (Crown of the Triarchy) CD (slipcase)
FUNERAL STORM - Arcane Mysteries CD
IN THE WOODS... - Heart of the Ages CD (slipcase)
MARDUK - Nightwing CD + DVD (slipcase)
MARDUK - Plague Angel CD
MARDUK - Wormwood CD (digipak)
MEFITIS - Emberdawn CD
PEST - Rest in Morbid Darkness CD
PLAGUE PIT - Topheth Ablaze CD
ROTTING CHRIST - Passage to Arcturo + Non Serviam 2CD
ROTTING CHRIST - Triarchy of the Lost Lovers CD (slipcase)
ROTTING CHRIST - A Dead Poem CD (slipcase)
ROTTING CHRIST - Genesis CD (slipcase)
ROTTING CHRIST - Theogonia CD (slipcase)
RUIN LUST - Sacrifice CD
SLAUGHTBBATH - Contempt, War and Damnation CD
SLAUGHTBBATH - Alchemical Warfare CD
SYNTELEIA - Ending of the Unknown Path CD
TOMB - Gates of Gehenna MCD (digipak)
VOID MEDITATION CULT - Utter the Tongue of the Dead CD
ANIALATOR - Mission of Death CD
ANIALATOR - Rise to Supremacy MCD
ANTICHRIST - Sinful Birth CD
BARBARIAN - Barbarian CD
BARBARIAN - To No God Shall I Kneel CD
BEWITCHER - Under the Witching Cross CD
DEATHHAMMER - Chained to Hell CD
DECEASED - Ghostly White CD
EVIL ANGEL - Unholy Evil Metal CD
EXCUSE - Prophets from the Occultic Cosmos CD
GOAT WORSHIP - Blood and Steel CD
GOAT WORSHIP - Shore of the Dead CD
GOAT WORSHIP - Breathing a Dark Past CD
INFIDEL REICH - Reichenstein CD
JT RIPPER - Gathering of the Insane CD
M.K. ULTRA - Born of Malleus Maleficarum CD
MASTER - Collection of Souls CD
MASTER - An Epiphany of Hate CD
MASTER OF CRUELTY - Depths of a Cold Abyss MCD
MINOTAUR - God May Show You Mercy…We Will Not CD
MORTAL SCEPTER - Where Light Suffocates CD
PROTECTOR - Echoes from the Past... CD
PROTECTOR - Reanimated Homunculus CD
ROOT - Zjevení CD (digipak)
ROOT - The Book CD
SACROSCUM - Drugs & Death CD
SCUMRIPPER - All Veins Blazing CD
THRASHFIRE - Into the Armageddon CD
WARGASM - Rawgasm: Live in Boston CD
COUNT RAVEN - Mammons War CD (digipak)
EVOKEN - A Caress of the Void / Omniscient 2CD (digipak)
FUNERAL TEARS - The World We Lost CD
FUNERAL TEARS - The Only Way Out CD (digipak, slipcase)
GOLGOTHA - Erasing the Past CD
GRIFTEGARD - Solemn • Sacred • Severe CD (digipak)
OPHIS - The Dismal Circle CD
SATURNUS - Veronika Decides to Die CD (slipcase)

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