EXCRUCIATION - Prophecy of Immortality + Demos
Dark Symphonies :: 2CD :: 18€
For the first time ever on CD, hereīs what was meant to be this Swiss bandīs debut full-length: "Prophecy of Immortality". Unfortunately, the record company, Chainsaw Murder Records, stopped producing. We Bite Records wanted to take over, but due to some problems with them (mostly financial issues), the band refused. A few record labels were interested, but well, being still teenagers wanting to conquer the world, none of the offers were good enough. It was later released only on cassette. This deluxe 2CD set features the original audio mastered from the original DAT tape, as well as a newly remixed version of the album, mixed from the original analog tapes. As a bonus, the bandīs complete "Abyss of Time" demo (1989) and the "Act of Despair" promo tape (1990) are included.