EARLY DEATH - The Bleakest Force
Dark Descent :: MCD :: 9€
The debut EP by these Berlin maniacs storms the gates with raw intensity. Defined by intelligent and nuanced songwriting, "The Bleakest Force" holds a maturity which belies the bandīs relative youth. Itīs been a long road to here... Founded in 2012, after years of struggle, primogenitor Costa (ex Satanīs Wrath) relocated Early Death from London to Berlin. Recruiting members of Essenz and Evil Spirit, the final lineup came together in 2016 to craft these four hymns of evil. Pure old school Thrash/Death/Black Metal is the game, with an inventiveness that demonstrates immaculate taste and consummate knowledge. Reminiscent of Nifelheim in its intensity, diversity and finely crafted approach, Early Death are firmly in the camp of death as opposed to dwelling in blackness. This is just the beginning... And the future is dark indeed.