ANAL BLASPHEMY - Western Decadence
Iron Bonehead :: CD :: 12€
The long-awaited 4th full-length by this Finnish one-man band. Prolific purveyors of "Bestial Black Metal Filth" since the early 00īs -and, it must be said, years before the term "bestial" entered the underground vernacular- Anal Blasphemy has been defiling eardrums and spoiling souls across a steady stream of splits and demos, and of course three full-length albums. Mainman Molestor Kadotus is likewise one of the busiest men in Finnish Black Metal, having run the label Hammer of Hate for many years and contributing to a slew of hordes, some even secret. But at one point in recent years, ANAL BLASPHEMY was put to rest while he started a new project monikered Blasphemous Devotion. While that band only released on demo, the seeds of perversion were replanted and Molestor Kadotus was reinvigorated: Anal Blasphemy would be reborn. And indeed it is with "Western decadence". In many ways, "Western decadence" is characteristic, quintessential Anal Blasphemy: unhinged, untamed, morbid, murky, doomed, disgusting, primordial... Primitive. Itīs a sound both obedient to and defiant of Black Metalīs ugliest, most underground-entrenched traditions. "Western decadence" is a new start for the band, or at least a very new chapter. The shambling shock and awe of early albums has given way to a moodier and more considered Anal Blasphemy, the roots of which began to show on the relatively more varied "Perversions of Satan". Here on "Western decadence", Molestor Kadotus creates a succinct song-cycle whereby pulsing, hypnotic filth gives way to messy, melancholic laments, from headbanging almost-anthems to mulching ambient soundcapes, and often with the haunting organic textures heīs utilized in Musta Kappeli. And fitting for the bandīs grandest statement yet, "Western decadence" is the first Anal Blasphemy album to be fully recorded in a professional studio. Witness the fall of the West and feel deep devotion to the Devil: this is Western Decadence.