AGONIZE - Fall / Promo Demo 1993
Dark Symphonies :: CD :: 12€
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A CD that compiles the two demos that this Danish Thrash/Death Metal act released: "Fall" (1991) and "Promo Demo 1993". Agonize began in Vejle, Denmark, in the late 80´s as the high school cover band Alterator, playing Thrash Metal out of the basement of Christian´s parents house. The band name and lineup changed, Agonize was born and the band started writing and perfecting their own material for the "Fall" demo, which was recorded in Aarhus in October 1990 with Jacob Hansen (Invocator, Maceration) at the helm, and with some guest growling. "Fall" got great reviews and the band got a lot more national and international attention, and started touring Denmark with some of the great bands of that time (Invocator, Konkhra, Extreme Feedback, Eidetic, Illdisposed...). In 1992 the band lineup changed again with Steffen leaving the band. Odense based drummer Brian Sørensen (who sadly died in 2008) and guitarist Siamak entered Agonize and the band started writing material for the follow-up "Promo Demo 1993". After releasing the promo demo in 1993, the band´s internal creative differences grew and Agonize eventually decided to split up as friends in 1994.