DEATHHAMMER - Electric Warfare
Hells Headbangers :: CD :: 12
The 5th full-length by this Norwegian band. An iron-fisted statement of intent in both title and execution, "Electric Warfare" proves that this Norwegian duo continue to get better with age, retaining their original youthful enthusiasm which endeared their previous output to so many the world over whilst pushing their songwriting toward more mature but no-less-deadly ends. Once again, Deathhammer are firmly committed to their Thrash/Black Metal here, storming with vengeance as if 1985 never ended, braving nuclear winter and eternal devastation, but make no mistake: "Electric Warfare" is no repeat of past glories. Like those eternal bands who find a special sound and continue to expand it without losing their identity, Deathhammer render "Electric Warfare" a rollicking ride through past, present and future, at once rawer and more refined, more manic and also more measured, but always, always very Metal.