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IGNIVOMOUS - Hieroglossia CD on Memento Mori!!!
Weīre beyond stoked to announce that Memento Mori has secured a licensing deal with Nuclear War Now! to put out the CD version of the third album, "Hieroglossia", by the notable Melbourne based band IGNIVOMOUS.

Borne out of the members desire to see a resurgence of a heavier, more dissonant style of Death Metal back in 2006, IGNIVOMOUS were among the first wave of bands to reignite interest in the genre in the first decade of this century. "Hieroglossia" preserves the core membership of the band present throughout its tenure -Sean Hinds (guitar), Chris Broadway (drums) and Jael Edwards (vocals)- and presents the recording debut of Lewis Fischer (Altars) on guitar and Chris Jordon (Inverloch, Eskhaton) on bass, both of whom have cemented the bandīs live assault for the previous few years in a campaign of high-profile shows in their native Australia. This lineup in its current form has secured and built upon the bandīs unrelentingly legacy, oozing raw, sinister Death Metal pushed a step further into the void, creating an album which synthesizes the bands influences with a definitive and individual vision. While projecting a murky and atmospheric take on the Death Metal template, the eight organic and primal songs on "Hieroglossia" avoid sacrificing the primacy of the riff for reverb-drenched formlessness, or songwriting in favour of dissonance for its own sake.

Thematically, "Hieroglossia" continues IGNIVOMOUSī investigation into topics of philosophical pessimism, influenced by the works of Thomas Ligotti and E.M. Cioran, and gnostic concepts of the fallen and hostile nature of the material world, presented throughout with a literary sensibility which should be accustomed to those familiar with their previous output.

Previously released on LP through Nuclear War Now! in November 2019, "Hieroglossia" was also released as a strictly limited tour edition digisleeve that was available for purchase during the bandīs European tour in late 2019. That digisleeve version did not include the official cover art and was roughly mastered. Memento Moriīs version will be presented in a regular jewel case, featuring the original cover art and layout by Stefan Thanneur, and a proper mastering work by James Plotkin (O.L.D., Khanate) at his own Plotkinworks Studio.

Memento Mori will unleash the CD version of "Hieroglossia" on October 26th. Further details to follow in the coming months. Meanwhile, make sure to give them a like on Facebook, and listen to a preview song here:

"Path of Attrition" demo (2007)
"Eroded Void of Salvation" EP (2008)
Ignivomous / Tzun Tzu split EP (2008)
"Death Transmutation" album (2009)
"Blood and Mercury" compilation (2011)
"Contragenesis" album (2012)
"Hieroglossia" album (2019)


This is the list of new items and restocks that arrived at the store over the course of the last month:

ÆVANGELIST - Nightmarecatcher CD
ABRUPT DEMISE - The Pleasure to Kill and Grind CD
ARCHAIC WINTER - The Psychology of Death CD
ASCARIS - Uncured Sickness CD
ASKALON - Armageddon CD
BLOODFIEND - Damnation from the Deep CD
CENOTAPH (Poland) - Empire of Sin CD
CIANIDE - Unhumanized MCD
DEATH YELL - Descent into Hell CD
GRACELESS - Shadowlands CD
GRACELESS - Where Vultures Know Your Name CD
GRAVEVIEW - Demos ī18 -ī19 MCD
GROND - Howling from the Deep CD
HAEMORRHAGE / IMPALED - Dementia Rex CD (digipak)
JUMPINī JESUS - The Art of Crucifying CD
KRYPTICY - Hideous Being CD
LEGACY OF BRUTALITY - Realm of the Banished Gods CD
MORTUOUS - Among the Lost / Mors Immortalis CD
MORTUOUS - Through Wilderness CD
NUNSLAUGHTER - The Devilīs Congeries - Volume 3 2CD + DVD
PERPETUAL - Maze of Chaos CD
REMAINS - Through the Eyes of Death CD
REMAINS - Chaos & Light CD
SKULLCRUSH - Archaic Towers of Annihilation CD
SWARN - Black Flame Order CD
TEMPLE OF VOID - Lords of Death CD
TEMPLE OF VOID - The World That Was CD
TRIMEGISTO - Subterranean Streams CD
UTUMNO - Across the Horizon CD
ARKONA - Imperium CD (digipak)
FUNERAL STORM - Arcane Mysteries CD
HAVOHEJ - Table of Uncreation CD
NYOGTHAEBLISZ - Abrahamic Godhead Besieged by Adversarial Usurpation CD
PERDITION TEMPLE - Sacraments of Descension CD
PROFANATICA - Thy Kingdom Cum CD
PROFANATICA - Altar of the Virgin Whore MCD
VAULTWRAITH - Death Is Proof of Satanīs Power CD
VAULTWRAITH - Light the Candle in Honour of Devils CD
VOID MEDITATION CULT - Utter the Tongue of the Dead CD
DECEASED - Ghostly White CD
SHITFUCKER - Sex with Dead Body CD
WITCHING HOUR - ...and Silent Grief Shadows the Passing Moon CD

This is the list of new items and restocks that arrived at the store over the course of the last month:

ABYSME - Strange Rites CD
ABYSSAL - Denouement CD
ACHERON - Rites of the Black Mass CD
ACHERON - The Final Conflict: Last Days of God CD
APOSTASY - Accuser of Brethren MCD
ASTAROTH - The Demos ī93 / ī95 / ī98 CD
AUROCH - From Forgotten Worlds CD
BANISHER - Degrees of Isolation CD (slipcase)
BEAST OF REVELATION - The Ancient Ritual of Death CD
CALM HATCHERY - Sacrilege of Humanity CD
CEREMONY - Tyranny from Above CD
CEREMONY - Retribution CD
CHEMICAL BREATH - Beyond Reality / Brutal Violation CD
CRUZ - Culto Abismal CD
DEIVOS - Theodicy CD
DEIVOS - Endemic Divine CD
DEIVOS - Casus Belli CD
DESOLATE SHRINE - Tenebrous Towers CD
DESOLATE SHRINE - Deliverance from the Godless Void CD
DEVOTION - Necrophiliac Cults CD
DISKORD - Doomscapes / Aural Abjection 2CD
ENGULFED - Engulfed in Obscurity CD
ESCARNIUM - Rex Verminorum CD
ESCARNIUM - Excruciating Existence CD
FUNERALOPOLIS - ...of Deceit and Utter Madness CD
GOMORRAH - Reflections of Inanimate Matter CD
INCUBATOR - Symphonies of Spiritual Cannibalism CD (digibook)
INCUBATOR - McGillroy the Housefly CD (digibook)
KEVLAR SKIN - Necroroid CD
KURNUGIA - Forlorn and Forsaken CD
MANGLED - Through Ancient Times 2CD
MORTEM - Demon Tales CD
MORTEM - The Devil Speaks in Tongues CD
MORTEM - De Natura Daemonum CD
MORTEM - Deinós Nekrómantis CD
MUSMAHHU - Reign of the Odious CD
NEMESIS - The Beginning of the End MCD
PYRE - Chained to Ossuaries CD
REDEMPTOR - Arthaneum CD (slipcase)
REDEMPTOR - The Becoming (2005-2011) CD (slipcase)
RITUAL CHAMBER - The Pits of Tentacled Screams CD
SENTENCED - Shadows of the Past CD
SENTENCED - The Trooper CD
STORMCROW - Enslaved in Darkness CD
TALES OF BLOOD - Stuffing the Graveyard CD
TIAMAT - Sumerian Cry CD
TIAMAT - The Astral Sleep CD (slipcase)
TRAUMA - Archetype of Chaos CD (digipak)
TRAUMA - Ominous Black CD (slipcase)
V/A - In the Eyes of Death CD
BURIAL HORDES - Incendium CD (digipak)
CHAOS MOON - Amissum CD (digipak)
DISHARMONY - Messe de Minuit CD
GJENDOD - Skygger fra Dødsriket CD
GJENDOD - Krigsdøger CD
INVOCATION - Attunement to Death CD
JORDABLOD - The Cabinet of Numinous Song CD (digipak)
KAWIR - Αδράστεια CD (digipak)
KHTHONIIK CERVIIKS - Serologiikal Scars (Vertex of Dementiia) CD
FUNERAL BITCH - The 80īs Demos CD
HOLY MOSES - Terminal Terror CD (digibook)
KUBLAI KHAN - Annihilation CD (digibook)
TARGET - Mission Executed CD
TARGET - Master Project Genesis CD (digibook)

KURNUGIA - Forlorn and Forsaken CD [MEMENTO-XCI]
The highly anticipated debut full-length by this U.S. band. Hailing from the rustbelt Metal hotbed of Cleveland, Kurnugia was founded by ex-members of Decrepit, Nunslaughter, Embalmer, December Wolves and Delusion. Not surprisingly, this assembly of seasoned underground veterans is heavily influenced by the classic Death Metal of the early 90īs, and thatīs exactly what Kurnugia aim for: to go back right to the roots of the genre and pay homage to the deeds of old, unaware of gimmicks, trends and mindless experimentation. No more, and definitely no less! Kurnugia delivered their debut EP, "Tribulations of the Abyss", in 2013 and then followed it with another EP, "Condemned to Obscurity", in 2016. All too teasing have been these short-length assaults, but at last arrives Kurnugiaīs debut album! Aptly titled, "Forlorn and Forsaken" is ancient aural debauchery, delivered with evil intent, rotting and heinous. Fittingly, this full-length encapsulates everything Kurnugia have stood for to date: crushing riffery, divebombing solos and tight tank-treads of rhythm, all delivered with swift simplicity of design, but upratcheting the production to a clear and cutting devastation. Well-produced but not "too well-produced", "Forlorn and Forsaken" still seeps with a primordial heaviness rooted in classic Death Metal songcraft, nodding to (but not ripping off) the seminal works of Immolation, Grave, Incantation, Autopsy, Entombed, Cianide, Morbid Angel, Dismember, Death, Unleashed, Deicide and Benediction. And of course, this classicism is reflected in Mark Cooperīs attention-grabbing cover art as well! You canīt teach old dogs new tricks, the cliche goes, but you can let those dogs do what they do best: proudly stick to the early 90īs traditions of Death Metal. Thatīs been Memento Moriīs modus operandi since day one, and we hereby welcome you into Kurnugiaīs netherworld with "Forlorn and Forsaken"!

FUNERALOPOLIS - ...of Deceit and Utter Madness CD [MEMENTO-XCII]
The astounding debut full-length by this Swiss band. Hailing from Lenzburg, Funeralopolis was awoken under the name Human Waste in 2006. With vocalist Void joining the band in 2009, they changed the name to Funeralopolis. Void left the band shortly after, but the name stayed. They started recording the first demo, titled "…of Death", with a slightly different lineup (guitar-desecrator Thuri also took on vocals) under horrible circumstances in only 48 hours, including mixing and mastering. The tape was released as a co-release between Dark Descent Records and Skeleton Plague. Several years and beers later, the recording of the "…of Prevailing Chaos" EP took place at Hidden Stash Studios, with a slightly different lineup. It was summoned in 2013. Funeralopolis didnīt have any lineup changes since 2011, and have been around since a decade now. Over the years, theyīve shared the stage with bands like Mystifier, Dead Congregation, Excruciation, Diocletian, Bölzer, Sadistic Intent and many more. That stage experience certainly plays into the bandīs long-awaited debut album, "...of Deceit and Utter Madness". With a gutsfucking guitar tone at the fore and utterly vile bass beneath, Funeralopolis crush chest cavities (and dreams) with a crusty sort of Death Metal that violently vacillates between lumbering, world-eating doom and ragged, almost-punkish gallops. Indeed, the spectre of domestic legends Hellhammer looms large here, but the band are undoubtedly most influenced by Death Metal from the late 80īs and early 90īs. Such names invoked include Autopsy, Darkthrone, Asphyx, Sadistic Intent, Nihilist, Necrovore, Obituary, Incantation and Blasphemy. However, other bands like Sodom, Cianide, Sarcofago, Winter, Candlemass, Doom, Carnivore and many, many more also had a big impact on Funeralopolis. In fact, one could say that the bubbling mass of "...of Deceit and Utter Madness" is a veritable love letter to all these noble influences. Fittingly, "...of Deceit and Utter Madness" is graced with alluring cover art courtesy of Mark Cooper, and maximum heaviness is ensured by Ted Tringoīs mastering job. Funeralopolis open up the earth and present your mass grave!

PYRE - Chained to Ossuaries CD [MEMENTO-XCIII]
The long-awaited sophomore full-length by this Russian band. Rising from the sewers of Saint Petersburg in 2011 and consisting of some hyperactive musicians who are/were members of other underground Russian acts such as Teitanfyre, Drama, Ulvdalir, Internal Damage, Blazing Rust, Chamber Of Torture and others, Pyreīs unholy sledgehammer of rotting and caustic music is Death fucking Metal right down to its genes. Itīs as genuine and convincing as it can possibly get, focusing on the traditional and raw sound reminiscent of greats such as Asphyx, Grave, Morgoth, Nihilist/early Entombed, Death, Unleashed, Autopsy, Repugnant, Obituary, Dismember and Pestilence, and rivalling most of their recent peers trying to do the same thing. After a number of previous releases and lots of gigs under their belts, in and out of their motherland, Pyre are now ready to bust through their second opus, "Chained to Ossuaries". No quarter given and no compromises made, here do Pyre chain themselves to their signature traditionalist sound -again, itīs Death fucking Metal, and it needs to stay that way- but nevertheless do the power trio strive for a sound thatīs darker, more cryptic and more hypnotic as a result. Indeed, "Chained to Ossuaries" is as sinister as its title suggests, galloping forward one minute and dragging the listener down into doomed abysses the other, the former flaying the listener alive while the latter throbs with the ominousness of a gargantuan subterranean beast. Of especial note is the production here, crisp and lively, richly analog but not drowning in reverb or over-distortion, the drums in particular snapping bones with ease. With dark and stylish cover art courtesy of Artem Grigoryev, Pyre prove with "Chained to Ossuaries" that the second strike is deadlier indeed!

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