DAMNATORY - The Complete Disgoregraphy 1991-2003 (CD)
Release date: July 23rd, 2018.
Weīre extremely thrilled to announce that Memento Mori will put out a compilation CD including the body of work of the old, obscure Swiss Death Metal band DAMNATORY. The CD will be titled "The Complete Disgoregraphy 1991-2003" and itīll compile the "The Persistence of Archaic Dogma in Contradiction to the Traceable Basis of Subsistence by Church Wanders into Theosophy Veils the Virtual Ulterior Motive of Clergymen" demo (1991), the "In My Darkest Vision..." demo (1991), the "Hybridized Deformity" EP (1992), the "Docta Ignorantia" EP (1993) and the "The Second Side of the Coin Verified the Appearance of an Inhuman Configuration Crowded (To Suffocation) with Reduplicated Anger and Extinction Beyond Expression" demo (2003). All songs restored and mastered by Patrick Engel (of Hatespawn fame) at Temple of Disharmony, Germany. Artwork and layout will be handled by Marco Gemmet, the bandīs vocalist on the 1992 EP and the 2003 demo. Further details to follow in the coming months.