AGGRESSIVE PERFECTOR - Havoc at the Midnight Hour
Dying Victims :: CD :: 11€
The striking debut full-length by this U.K. band. "Havoc at the Midnight Hour" finds the English trio in resolutely evil form as they take a major step forward on their path of destruction. Embracing a wealth of haunted sounds and textures, this sepulchral slab of Metal conjures an atmosphere rich in the romantic repugnance of horrorīs past masters which it uses the setting for a 37-minute nightmare of nocturnal menace, occult fascination and bloody vengeance. Summoning the ghosts of Metal past -Tank, Slayer, Venom and Mercyful Fate all playing a part- Aggressive Perfector fixate on the nuclear fury of an apocalyptic future, from which it culls new ways to pervert the course of Heavy Metal in the present.