AMNUTSEBA - Emanatism
Iron Bonehead :: CD (digipak) :: 12€
The amazing debut full-length by this French band. "Emanatism" is violent, vortextural, labyrinthine and lacerating Black Metal that attacks from all sides but is always shapeshifting. Cold and caustic are its contours, all shreds of humanity shorn away with utmost cruelty. One would assume that chaos reigns within such a landscape, but Amnutseba possess a particular martial aspect which renders "Emanatism" anything but random: sonically overkilling, sure, yet working within a stridently rigid framework where everything and nothing are possible. Further compounding this dazzlingly disorientation is the entity´s methods of layering sounds -impossibly dense, yet also disarmingly skeletal simultaneously. Altogether, these 37 minutes of tension and terror broach a similar spectrum as Skaphe´s blitzed-senses belligerence and Nightbringer´s sulfurous symphonies of the abyss, but bear in mind that Amnutseba are only getting started... The best/worst is still to come!