EVOKER - Evil Torment
Blood Harvest :: MCD :: 8€
The latest EP by this Australian band. Formed in 2016, Evoker have been constantly feeding and growing into the madness that can be heard on their first longer-length recording, "Evil Torment". Having released a demo in 2018, the upratcheting in intensity can be immediately felt here, Evoker indeed evoking the ancient spirits of their homeland´s rich history of extreme Metal. Theirs is a filthy and furious fusion of the deadliest proto-Death Metals, the most aggressive Thrash Metals and the most barbaric Black Metals, going full-force for the fucking throat. And not for nothing is their latest record titled "Evil Torment": this is horrific evil for those who worship old Metal, hearkening back to a primal age where extreme Thrash Metal variants were appearing too quick and far too underground to be neatly defined. Totally recommended for fans of Slaughter Lord, early Sepultura, Impiety, Deströyer 666, Messiah, Protector...