CABAL - Midian
Vic :: CD :: 13€
Official remastered reissue of the solitary 2000 album by this U.S. band. Cabal was Killjoy´s (Necrophagia) side Thrash/Death Metal band in the early 90´s. Cabal only recorded one full-length, titled "Midian", that was recorded at Morrissound Studios in 1990. Cover art was made by Mike Riddick (Necrophagia, Daath, Divine Eve) and the logo by his twin brother Mark (Centinex, Lik, Absu). Besides all Killjoy´s lyrics, the booklet contains a special "In Memoriam" written by Bob Bagchus (ex-Asphyx), Mirai Kawashima (Sigh), Scott Carlson (Repulsion) and Kam Lee (Massacre).