ANTICHRIST - Pax Moriendi
Iron Bonehead :: CD :: 11€
The debut full-length by this Peruvian band. Formed in 2004 but not really kicking into recorded gear until a decade later, Antichrist soon released a steady stream of demos between 2014 and 2016. Through this requisite underground craft, the trio studiously perfected their craft, shaping its huge and haunting foundation -the funeralized Doom/Death Metal trinity of Thergothon, Unholy and Winter- into something qualitatively their own. And indeed, across the 5-song/45-minute "Pax moriendi", the listener is taken down into sewers a mile deep (or more), tweaking that immortal Funeral Doom/Death Metal schematic into something righteously foul and filthy but still well within the range of melancholic human experience. Crushing-yet-ethereal chords reverberate through the forlorn night, and ever deeper into one´s worst corners of their subconscious; the attack is slow yet insistent early on, with the foulness and filth flung liberally, to either alienate part-timers or beckon the most intrepid of souls. Then, as the album plays on, "Pax moriendi" reveals a wounded sort of slo-mo melody, a blanching vulnerability, shedding its layers of metaphysical/spiritual garbage for the laid-bare/laid-to-rest epiphany of climactic closer "You will never see sun light". Here is your funeral: welcome the end.