ACID WITCH - Evil Sounding Screamers
Hells Headbangers :: CD :: 11€
The long-awaited 3rd full-length of this U.S. band. Essentially, this is the sound of Acid Witch mastering their own, unique brand of sludgy Doom/Death Metal and delivering a landmark record for the ages. The foremost manifestation of that mastery is the truly mindfucking layering of synth here. Slasher Dave has always possessed an authentically classic-horror approach to synths, but through his own selfsame solo-project, heīs developed that aspect in a manner truly befitting the beloved horror canon of the 70īs and the 80īs. Here on "Evil sound screamers", those synths donīt so much take a lead role as unite every thread across the record, flitting in and out of perception like a fever dream (or an LSD nightmare) and otherwise torquing all the gutsfucking riffs that now stomp and sway with a rousingly anthemic quality. They are authentically analog synthesizers, too, just like the beloved sound design of those classic horror movies. Additionally, the acute placement of samples further threads everything together in a manner most filmic. And thatīs to say nothing of the production here, which finds a hazy, crazy balance between murky and 3D.