ABSU - Origin: War and Magick
Dark Symphonies :: CD :: 12€
Every great story has a prologue. Before the mighty Absu, there were two occult Metal manifestations: Dolmen and Magus, which together helped forge one of the most well known acts in the underground today. This CD set features Dolmen´s "On the eve of war" demo (1989) and Magus´ "Ruminations of debauchery" demo (1992). Both releases will feature the original cover art and layout elements as the vinyl edition. Also included will be the the original cover illustration by Kris Verwimp from the out of print The Crypt 2LP box set edition. Dolmen features the unreleased, original 1989 mono mix as well as an unreleased cover version of Slayer´s "Black magic". Magus features the original unreleased mix of "Ruminations..." as well as the 1992 demo "Lines that formed hexagrams". All songs were remastered from the original analog and DAT sources. Fans of Absu will be offered with two amazing, cult Metal releases which helped manifest one of the greatest underground acts of the 90´s!!!