BESTIAL WARLUST - Storming Bestial Legions - Live ´96
Hells Headbangers :: CD :: 11€
A live album that captures these Australian extreme Metal pioneers at the height of their powers, not long after their classic second album, "Blood & valour", was released. As such, the setlist Bestial Warlust storm through here encompasses that album as well as their pivotal debut album, "Vengeance war ´till death", which went on to become one of the most mimicked Black/Death Metal records in the new millennium, where the Bestial Metal subgenre they helped foment soon flourished. But everything that made Bestial Warlust so deadly (bulldozing heaviness, gnawing violence, hypnotic hatred) is captured in its rawest, most red-eyed state on here, making the album an indispensable component to any bestial diehard´s collection and a rare document of Black/Death Metal primitivism in the pre-social media era.