ABSTRACT SPIRIT - Tragedy and Weeds
Solitude :: CD :: 10€
The 2nd full-length from this Russian band. "Tragedy and weeds" represents a new era in the bandīs career, denoting the transition to more thoughtful material and the desire to mature. The team once again became a trio, but Abstract Spirit has ceased from a side project of famous musicians to a full band, even performing live shows. "Tragedy and weeds" is the same sludgy Funeral Doom, full of fleeting touches of depressive bleakness. Melodies are filled with despair and schizophrenic delusions, evoking feelings of anxiety and fear, casting the listeners down into the abyss of madness. The sound of wind instruments resemble an old, sad, funeral orchestra, accompanying the low-end growls, hysterical cries and sepulchral recitations. An unique atmosphere.